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  1. So Far i have done a Tac knife AutoTronica, but I have run into an issue. I am using Novaskin and i can't find out how to cleanup some of the edges. Anyone know how i can, if there is a way, clean up around some of the edges? Screenshot at 2017-09-01 17-12-53.png
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  2. Nanta18

    Nanta18 Wolf

    I just strated making skin not to long ago so I dont have any tips but that knife looks cool
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  3. J0nks

    J0nks Enderman

    Since you have the resolution so high, its harder. I would make the resolution at least 512x256. (Anything higher is better) Then, in the spots where the messed up clipping is, just choose the same color to fit the two merged squares, so, they won't flash.

    If thats what you mean tho
  4. Aight. I'll try that. Thnx. <3
  5. Egglanoir

    Egglanoir Egghead Developer

    Use the eraser, to erase a layer, its the best way to deal with clipping, but you will likely need to increase the resolution first
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  6. yup and i was looking through submitted skins and saw jonks already did this skin series. So rip. ;-;

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