Art Welp I dont have a life so i make free GFX thumbnail's

Discussion in 'Art, Banner & Youtube Video Showcase' started by oKingu, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    -IGN Juandito
    -Color gray
    -Cape no

    make him holding a kara tiger in his hand if you can, ill give you a g18 urban if you manage to pull this off, i also want one with an m4 asmo in hands, if you do this ill throw in two g18 candy apples
  2. Icon
    IGN: The_Names_Storrm
    Color: Light Blue
    Cape: nah
    one with karambit gamma in one hand and a second with awp dragon plz
  3. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    -IGN - SUCC_69
    -Color - Black with a red fade? If not then just black.
    No cape

    Hmu on discord

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