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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Brad, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Owner Staff Member Owner

    Hello, As you know the modpack has been purchased by me. we are still in the process of moving information over from datacenter to datacenter therefore it will take another few days before the move is finished however we will keep you informed.

    I have some good news for you in the process. We have fixed the following issues and when the move takes place we expect all services to be back to normal.

    • Fixed Server Chat
    • Fixed Cloud Saving
    • Fixed Scoping issue with knifes
    • Fixed Scoping issue when dieing
    • Fixed Volume on start and end match
    • Fixed knife in velocity case
    • Fixed new gun animations
    • Added extra mag to CZ (to make it fair)
    • nerfed SMG’s (increased spread and recoil slightly)

    Some more fixes may come while the move happens or a little later.

    Thanks for your patience and enjoy :)
  2. Llamacraft

    Llamacraft Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  3. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Blaze

    "Nerfed Smg's" and people still get head shots but apart from that GG
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  4. Egglanoir

    Egglanoir Egghead Developer

    Please note that the SMG nerf won't exist in game till the next update, they are just stating their progress on the cloud and the next update. This includes a few other things in the list of the things mentioned.
  5. Pischki

    Pischki Ghast

    That's an announcement post it's supposed to be locked ._.
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  6. Vectorvital

    Vectorvital Skeleton

    Commenting while I still can...
    Nice work though. Good luck with the mod pack.
  7. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Blaze

    hopefully a new gun will be added ...plzzzz....pp bizon
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  8. Egglanoir

    Egglanoir Egghead Developer

    Necropost much?
    But we need the Galil and the Scar 17 more right now.... not another SMG....

    Also, shouldn't this get locked?
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  9. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Blaze

    should be locked, tho i ldo like the galil .....probs my 2nd fav gun
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  10. Faisca

    Faisca Ocelot

    Is it locked? lmao
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