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    Maybe a game mode which is called Clan Wars or Clan Battle and after Clans is fixed all of the players that will be playing need to click "accept" after a notification pops up which itself will pop up when the clan leader gets a list of all the people and selects 5 of them (their main team) after initiating a ready check all of the players will be put in two teams in a competitive game for a 250e reward for each player on the winning team and 50e for each of the players in the loosing team, regularly unless there's a tournament where the rewards could be a lot higher for the best clan, the one that places first
  2. So basically just competitive mode but with clans.... we don't need a new game mode for that but in the future a game server on official purely for scrimmages would be nice, so we don't have to yell at randos who won't leave when they take up a spot of an actual scrim player
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    Yeah but it's fun doing it

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