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Discussion in 'General Suggestions & Discussion' started by Amihan, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    I enjoy listening to music while playing, and so I tend to have an extra program running which somewhat impacts my performance.

    This could be a future addition or it could be added now and be done with. I'm thinking it'll use either somewhat of an online service like SoundCloud to play music, or it'll be a folder with mp4/whatever files to play.

    Quick little suggestion, hope you enjoy.
  2. Why
    We already have something called Spotify. And iTunes. And Google Play. And Pandora.

    P.S. We also have YouTube.
  3. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I doubt this would ever be added. You can always use a phone to listen to music like I do.
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  4. wanted4fun

    wanted4fun Enderman

    unless you're like me with hearing loss ;_; I cri evry tim
  5. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    Read the whole post please.
  6. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    Rip I know a guy who can fix you over discord voice chat.
  7. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    You need to pay for spotify , never tried iTunes , nor have I tried google play and pandora
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  8. wanted4fun

    wanted4fun Enderman

    wat. dm me.
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  9. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    jkjk you'd have to fly to nigeria to get that fixed by some third coming of god.
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  10. You don't need to pay for Spotify. There's only ads like every 10-15 songs so you get a lot of time in between them. And a little secret is that you can get around the ads by closing the app and reopening it. Takes less time than sitting through 2 commercials.
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  11. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    Yeah but doing that while in a comp game doesn't sound too good
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  12. What if you're already dead
  13. wanted4fun

    wanted4fun Enderman

    that mean bro.
  14. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    Ur moma mean boi
  15. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    Clearly you do not know how to read.

    "I tend to have an extra program running which somewhat impacts my performance."

  16. Thanks for repeating what someone said about 1-2 weeks ago.
  17. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    mhm glad i could help :)

  18. eks dee. btw I saw that video you made about the broken maps. Love it.
  19. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    lmao xD
  20. J0nks

    J0nks Enderman

    Can't you get like two sets of headphones? Headphones for music, and earbuds for in-game.

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