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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RitzBitz2323, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    I agree with you but I'll probably never gonna do a giveaway since I kinda lost 43k worth of skins so yeah... Hope you understand me
  2. Okay that's a valid point you did lose skins hut let's say you rebuild your whole inventory, what about then?
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  3. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    Yeah then I'll do giveaways, a lot tbh, even when I had a smaller inv I still did giveaways like scar sport back when it was 5k emeralds etc. But now my inv is way too little
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  4. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Blaze

    sorry lol close this thread staff will u <3 im not active enough on forums to do giveaways xD it was just a joke....#PieLivesOn
  5. Dennis

    Dennis Chicken

    ign DJPJLezzGo give me that artic

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