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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bacon05331, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Bacon05331

    Bacon05331 Skeleton

    To enter the giveaway, like this post, and comment your ign and a screenshot that you liked this. Winner will be announced in 24 hours
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    RIPJAW Cow

    XxRIPJAWxX Please give it to me I really need a blaze case. Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.21.04 PM.png
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  3. LPops

    LPops Zombie

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  4. Bacon05331

    Bacon05331 Skeleton

    Follow the format , like and send screenshot and ign
  5. ZeroArsov

    ZeroArsov Ghast

    Literally the most depressing thing I have seen all day
  6. wanted4fun

    wanted4fun Enderman

    You don't need likes. You're the type of kids that are triggering me asking for likes. I hate them. I really do.
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  7. Spartan

    Spartan Chicken

  8. Spartan

    Spartan Chicken

    I just want the case
  9. Dennis

    Dennis Cow

    DJPJLezzGo I don't want the case
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  10. Ascherit

    Ascherit Wolf

    Screenshot_20170913-101641.png Please, give me that, I need that case to pay my taxes. My IGN is Ascherit.
  11. Zlion

    Zlion Wither

    Stop making trash posts for likes dammit
  12. Zlion

    Zlion Wither

    Staff just lock this crap "thread"
  13. Ascherit

    Ascherit Wolf

    Let him do what he what, it's just a joke, an harmless one.
  14. Zlion

    Zlion Wither

    There've been too many of those jokes at the same time or with little to no gaps in between them, he's trying to farm likes I'm guessing
  15. Egglanoir

    Egglanoir Egghead Developer

    Its been more than 24 hours....
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  16. Bacon05331

    Bacon05331 Skeleton

    I know at 24 hours there were like 3 ppl
  17. Bacon05331

    Bacon05331 Skeleton

  18. Zlion

    Zlion Wither

    @SquiddyUK since you're the only online staff im tagging you to lock this since its over
  19. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Ghast

    this is just a stupid thing that people like @Bacon05331 to seem like they are popular because of all the fake likes they get
  20. Ascherit

    Ascherit Wolf

    Congratulation to him, that case will enlight his day, or not.

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