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  1. Wider

    Wider Chicken

    Hello, we are FaZe. FaZe is a team that strives to be the best. Our eSports team is not like others, we have higher standards. All members in our clan must possess knowledge of: communication, call-outs, and common-sense. If you do not possess this knowledge already, you will be educated on everything you need to know to become a successful player in our team. If interested, simply fill out the application below.

    Status: Recruiting

    - Must be at least 13 years old.
    - Must have Discord.
    - Must have a working microphone.
    - Must have experience playing Competitive.
    - Must be active.
    - Must have a minimum of 1.40 KD ratio.
    - Must follow all rules of CounterCraft & CounterCraft League.

    Education (If necessary):
    - You will be taught all map call-outs.
    - You will be taught communication.
    - You will be taught common spots for positioning.

    Classes: (Number will indicate how many players can play that class.)
    - Awper (1): The team's sniper. Great reaction time. Great aim. Can entry.
    - Entry Fragger (1): This person will be the first person to enter somewhere (Buildings, tunnels, etc.).
    - Strat Caller (1): Calls the round strategies and rotations (t and ct positioning)
    - Rifler (2): This person will just be a gun-man following through with the Entry Fragger.


    Do you have Discord?
    Do you have a microphone?
    Do you have experience playing Competitive?
    Are you active, (How many hours per a day)?
    Post a picture of your stats:
    Do you know map call-outs?
    Are you good at communication?
    Do you know common spots for positioning?

    Roster with Classes (6/8):

    Leaders: Splitt (Awper), Wider (Strat Caller) (Rifler)

    Members: LPops, minerthecrafty (Entry Fragger), Muffins4DayZ (Rifler), CounterCraft (Rifler)
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  2. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    "we have higher standards" Pretty sure all teams have roughly the same standards that you have, kek, anyways good luck with this clan
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  3. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Admin Staff Member Admin

    Good luck with your clan!
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  4. _Ammsm

    _Ammsm Cow

    Good luck! I hope u can get people for ur clan! :)
  5. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    ew wtf why is it called "FaZe" now
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  6. wanted4fun

    wanted4fun Enderman

    Good luck!
  7. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    "we have higher standards" a minute later "1.0 KD" pretty much all other Clans have higher so please edit your thread full of lies like the chips that say "may reduce heart attack chances so EAT" other than that I wish you the best of luck
  8. Legit tho, like you couldn't be any more creative and original so you were like we're the FaZe clan #420blazeit
  9. nzxtup

    nzxtup Got hugs?

    Just gonna leave this here.
  10. sebbi02

    sebbi02 Chicken

    Good Luck, I hope you strive to something big, i hope you can do a scrim against Renegades one day!!!
  11. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    So you Hugify just lurkin' in the forums from time to time to post how much the game is dead without even playing or helping anyone , why tf you here mate? Just go find some other games to play. Even though the game is still alive btw and no matter how many good updates are pushed we'll always have you here to say how everything is trash after favoritism was removed and you got demoted btw if you didn't want CC to be "at this stage" maybe you should've kept the PUG discord you made where literally EVERYONE was competing against eachother with a scoreboard and everything and ranks and it was all good and then you just pop-up out of nowhere and say , nah dude that's TOO COMPETITIVE , exactly what the game's been aiming for , for ages and then it actually happens and you're there like , nah man , too much for me
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  12. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    Hmmm, I mean Pops praised me once in comp, and that's more than anyone in Renegades have ever done, so maybe I switch teams.
  13. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast


    You just literally quoted someone's post saying it's dead and the community hates you because of your "neglected child" the PUG League you made and then removed cause in your opinion only it got too "competitive" which again, has been what the game has been aiming for an year so that's why most of them hated you and another reason is you got picked off of favoritism

    Personally I had nothing against you until you deleted the PUG league

    +you gave us what we wanted for a week or less so don't feel like a hero cause you ain't one
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  14. nzxtup

    nzxtup Got hugs?

    You seem to lack memory. I resigned due to the fact that I was receiving hatred from the community and gave them what they want. Now I'm a freelancer and seek to say what I wish. The simple fact that I still play this game makes you triggered I bet. I never said the game was dead "btw." and no matter how many good updates are pushed, I'll always be rooting for the best of CC. I don't care who's running it, as long as the modpack survives.
  15. rockers321

    rockers321 Ocelot

    An addition to Clans, Welcome FaZe!
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  16. nzxtup

    nzxtup Got hugs?

    Literally read this again, without triple posting.
    What does this have to do with anything? I'm talking about how this clan is ripping off an actual company. Last time I'm posting here because I'm not here to cause an argument on this thread. I'd only start them with people with logic.
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  17. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    I just rekt you with facts and you changed the topic
  18. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

  19. flopflip3

    flopflip3 Zombie

    I don't think you understand your situation. You have got into an argument with Zlion. You cannot win an argument against Zlion. He will keep coming back at you with random bs until you give up.
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  20. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    That is true indeed and is one of my bad sides but in this particular occasion it's true

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