Decent Sized Giveaway!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PolarChills, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. I have a few extra skins on hand and thought it would be nice to give 'em to some people. If you're interested, please comment your IGN and why you deserve a skin. Winners will be picked on Thursday afternoon.
    Giveaway Prizes
    1 Loudmouth
    1 Loudmouth
    1 FN FAL Venom
    1 UMP Xeryc
    Plus, a Blaze case for each winner.
  2. chester_cheetos

    I deserve a skin because I recently joined a team! Woop!
  3. ZeroArsov

    ZeroArsov Ghast


    I deserve a skin because...
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  4. The_Names_Storrm

    I deserve a skin cause I stopped caring about skins like a month ago
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  5. Egglanoir

    Egglanoir Egghead Developer


    I deserve extra skins because you wouldn't be giving away the Xeryc if I never made it...
  6. Dan.

    Dan. Enderman


    I deserve to win because I'll pay you in x2 emerald boosters
  7. Zlion

    Zlion Wither

  8. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

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  9. Juandito

    Juandito Skeleton

    this kid has a legend rank yet he only gives away grays and blues, wtf is this xd
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  10. Zlion

    Zlion Wither

    @Alexei_Navalny you still around man? Wtf is your opinion on these recent "decent" giveaways
  11. Canceling giveaway due to people being rude. Also not enough people.
  12. Yeh, barely tho. Idk, they aren't skins I would want, but good for the noobs. I do find it funny how y'all will shit all over someone giving away blues, but if they give away a dune it's all fun and games.
  13. ZeroArsov

    ZeroArsov Ghast

    Hey, I meant my response as a joke.
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  14. I didn't really mean you, mostly Juan and Zlion.
  15. AyyM80

    AyyM80 Enderman

    give since I'm broke
  16. Dan.

    Dan. Enderman

    Read their comment pl0x
  17. Dennis

    Dennis Pig

    ign DJPJLezzGo I deserve a skin cuz I'm board out of my mind
  18. Dennis

    Dennis Pig

    help my boardom plz
  19. Bacon05331

    Bacon05331 Skeleton

  20. I guess y'all missed this:

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