CC Crosshair Generator (Download)! Updated to v0.8.4

Discussion in 'Crosshair Submissions & Discussion' started by ABrokenHeart, May 6, 2017.


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  1. Wow, this is awesome. :D
    Good job.
  2. ABrokenHeart

    ABrokenHeart Developer Developer

    I'd still have to make it on html5 to run on every OS through browser. And I'm not going to buy that part of the software I'm using for 120 euro
  3. ABrokenHeart

    ABrokenHeart Developer Developer

    I'm taking a little break in the development of this program. I go and make some gun skins instead, but I'll continue on working on it :D
    Probably not going to push updates as fast as I did so far, because it already has every function needed, works perfectly, and even after the fact that it still has a few bugs, it's nothing major.
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  4. ABrokenHeart

    ABrokenHeart Developer Developer

    Updated to v0.8.5!
    • Fixed undoing being glitchly sometimes, resulting in a full black image
    • Added "Pick Color" tool! You can find it at the top when opening the 'More' menu ("..." icon at the bottom in the Editor) - Please note that this can pick any color, including any color from the background too, as well as the grid and any other UI element!
    • Added custom cursors!

    Vote for further functions by clicking here!

    Download v0.8.5 by clicking here
  5. [​IMG]

    Might wanna fix this
  6. fix wat? it's supposed to do this.
  7. ZeroArsov

    ZeroArsov Blaze

    when you had no idea that this idea was fully realized and it's pretty good:
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  8. ABrokenHeart

    ABrokenHeart Developer Developer

    Oh, yeah :D Ima fix the gun movement lol. Thanks for pointing it out!
  9. Mr_Jbone_

    Mr_Jbone_ Cow

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  10. Steve789

    Steve789 Cow

    10 out of 10. :D
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  11. ItzClipzy

    ItzClipzy Skeleton

    This is actually so cool, props to you fam :D
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  12. What is it with crosshair necroposts :\
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  13. ABrokenHeart

    ABrokenHeart Developer Developer

    But I don't think it's too much of a problem if someone comments on this, since it's a sticky thread. It's not going to push the other threads back. :3
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  14. Oh, yea, I did not realize what this actually was.
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  15. ABrokenHeart

    ABrokenHeart Developer Developer

    It's okay. <3
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  16. RitzBitz2323

    RitzBitz2323 Blaze

    yeet last time i checked it was this updated
  17. Zlion

    Zlion Ghast

    Teach me how to make programs like this
  18. Amihan

    Amihan Zombie

    Necroposting 101

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