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  1. Heartless007

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    ⚠️Warning ⚠️ Please only post supporting comments, opinions, jokes, and sarcastic remarks would be appreciated if not posted.

    I'd like to apologize for my recent irrational actions. I can not make an excuse, but can give an explanation. In life I have been experiencing changes that come with more stress, frustration, and responsibility. I have taken some of my frustration out on younger players that have offended me, or mature players in which we do not see eye to eye on things. Many people call me a hypocrite, and a drama queen. I can't change people's point of view on me so I ant really say anything about that.
    Now this is mainly my fault for letting emotions get the best of me, with me being on vacation but trying to also be active on CD which was a huge mistake, and with people being smart with things and pushing my buttons. Since I am discord support I represent the CD staff team, and I like to think I act mature on discord, but with recent mistakes I have made I have not been my usual self in-game and forums.
    Like my good friend Skaper said " Just let him do him." Which is true, because I honestly need to let people do that. I struggle with letting people have the last word, and I am doing better with this struggle of mine.

    As you can tell with my name, and signature I have some serious issues. . .
    (Jokey joke...)

    But a way you can help me is to not joke around with me if I'm not that close to you.
    Please do not tell me to take down my application or bring my work ethic into a discussion.
    Please do not be sarcastic with me.
    If we have a disagreement we can schedule a time to talk about or we can ignore each other until we can hopefully resolve an issue.

    (Please keep in mind I agent butt hurt easily)
    I know this may seem ridiculous or dumb but this is a step for me, on becoming the best person I can be.
  2. Equad

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    Glad you got this out agent butt not many people do this because they're scared to but yet you stepped up and said you have problems like the rest of us and we are all human every single one of us make mistakes your no different.
  3. AAG_Victorious

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    you identified your problems. good for you.
    now let me ask you one thing, do you think that with these problems you would be a good fit for the moderation staff team?

    if you are smart and understanding enough you would know what I mean with that statement and you would know why I simply suggested you should delete your application before.
  4. Heartless007

    Heartless007 Well-Known Member

    I'll ask you a question, am I mature on discord? Do I act like a staff member on discord? Let me remind you many people have problems and are on the staff team. No ones perfect. I asked kindly to only post supporting comments. Please stop trying to act like your perfect as well. I'm a hypocrite, I know that, but do you think as a 17 year old male about to be an adult that it's smart to keep putting me down? I've put my best efforts into getting on this staff team. With you almost being a grown man is it really worth it to keep on attacking a little boys dreams, because let me remind you my age I'm "14" so please If you do not have anything nice to say don't say it at all. I'm not sure what you are trying to gain. Sure , I have problems heck we all do even you, but at least I'm trying to fix them. Did you ever ask why I wanted to be a moderator? Why I applied? Why are you doing this? Maybe it's because of my problems I try to help people. So with all this said may we stop this futile discussion and move on.
  5. AAG_Victorious

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    ok, I am literally trying to be understanding and some what supportive. the reply above was not meant in a mean or sarcastic way.

    I am not trying to bring you down, I am only trying to make you understand yourself. All the questions I have asked in the past and probably the questions I will ask you in the future are meant for you to understand yourself more, In my opinion you look kind of lost. I can tell that you are trying your best to become a moderator and probably more(sr-mod) later but sometimes your best just isn't enough and in my opinion your best is NOT enough at the moment. You can tell me all you want about the people you have helped but you either don't understand or you don't want to understand that helping isn't everything a moderator needs to do. You need to have a neutral judgment and it does not look like you can have a neutral judgment with all your problems and with your attitude. As a moderator you need to look at certain situations and make the right choice but once again I don't think you can do that in your current state. I am not trying crush your dreams I am only trying to get some sense in that head of yours so you could understand my point of view and when you do, you will realise that I am probably right.

    I am not really trying to gain anything here, I just want the best for everybody and sorry to tell you but you as a moderator is not the best for anyone.
    I would love to ask you why you want to be moderator, why you applied and why you do the things you do but it is just a fact that you locked your application to stop anyone from posting negative comments and because you locked your application I am not able to ask you these kind of things.

    It is also a simple fact and easy to notice that you do not like opinions that don't match your world view, that is why you are currently acting the way you are and that is why your attitude isn't the best at the moment. I am sorry that I don't match your world view and that I don't agree with your opinion but if actually get to know me you will notice that I am a fairly reasonable person and that I can always give an opinion on everything.

    I am not trying to bring you down, I just don't think you should become moderator and I am not trying to be mean to you.
    I am not trying to gain anything I just want what is best for everyone and you being moderator is not the best for anyone.
    It is easy to notice that you do not like opinions that do not match your world view.

    Once again everything written here is sincere and I am not trying to be mean, I do agree that I can be harsh on certain people though.

    If you wish to respond to this I would like us to talk on discord in PMs where we can peacefully and with decency talk about everything you wish to talk about.
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  6. Heartless007

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    I honestly agree with you, and apologies for my misunderstanding.
  7. [Adam]

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    you were brave to say this , All love to you <3

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