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    What is your first name? Lance

    What is your Discord username and tag? Woodrow9#4656

    What is your in-game username? Woodrow9

    Do you have any former usernames? No

    What is your timezone? EST

    Currently, how old are you? 16

    How long have you been playing Crafting Dead Mod? Since November 25th 2016

    What has motivated you to apply for this position? I've recently started to love helping communities grow and I have watched this grow for a little bit now and I want to join in and help as much as I can. This was the first modpack I ever played on it was the reason I even stayed on technic. Also who dosent want to be staff on crafting dead its a rapidly growing modpack. I do realize you have tons of applications saying the same thing but I truly hope you accept mine. Also just love helping people in general as much as I can possibly do. Aswell as I have grown to like the community and want to further meeting the community by being staff so I can also help teach and help the community that I love so much. Also along with my age comes wisdom on how to act properly and filter on what I say in public voice chats and text channels which leads me to believe I would make a great fit in this community to help it grow and develop .

    Why should we choose you over others who apply for the same position? One main thing that makes me better than other applicants is the fact I have tons of experience (which Ill list in the following question). I also have been playing the server for almost 2 years which also gives me experience with the mod and community. I also have real life experience for a job so I know what hard work needs to be put in. Also with all my experience I learned not to care of they are a squeaker or not because they cant help that at the time at one point we were squeakers to xD. Anyways there is a lot of good applicants for this position but I will be very dedicated to the server and as well as every free minute I get I will try to be on. Also I have patience, experience, and tons of time to donate to the server. I also have been around on CD for over a year so I know majority of everything that is to do with CD so I can help advise the community on things that they may need help with to further the growth and expansion of this server. Also Im very intrested on how being staff will help me further the grow of the server along with keeping the community safe because no matter where you go you will find trolls its just a thing that comes with minecraft.

    Do you have any experience at community management or similar roles? Yes here are some of them:
    I was a manager on Cube Front mainly what I did on here was in game and keeping tabs on all the staff along with hiring them , a admin on Guns and Glory where I was like a assistant manger I helped read over applications and process them , I owned my own server where we had 3 servers that all ended up shutting down because of funding issues ,
    as well as helper on a various amount of other servers. Im no longer staff on any of these because they all ended up shutting down due to funding along with some other things that wasn't publicized .

    Have you ever been punished on the network? Yes but it was a big misunderstanding and me and one of the head admins worked it out.

    Tell us something about you! Any additional details can be written down here. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? Let us know!

    Hello as you know I'm Lance Im a sophomore in high school who currently also has a job and loves to play soccer. Neither of these will get in the way of me dedicating time toward the server and helping the community as much as I can.
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    I've noticed in your application you joined recently, also your only post is this application so I see you're not getting out into the community. I highly suggest you try to get known before you make an application. It's really beneficial for the community to know their staff well. So far you have a nice application, good luck though.
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    Hello, you have a good app. But I have a few issues. First we had been talking the other day and you said that you only came back because you won a giveaway. Also you failed to mention that you have just recently came back and the main reason was the rank you won. Lastly you told me you are the owner if a modpack and you are thinking about closing it as of yesterday. Also you told me you currently have a job that requires lots of time and thats the main reason why you are closing your network/modpack. Lastly I do recomend that you get to know the comunity more as you have this app as your only message and you have made your account back in november.
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    Legion I did not win a rank. But I will get to talking to the community some more . Also being a owner is a almost 24/7 hour job when you first starting out hence why I’m giving it to my co owner and no I’m not running because it gets hard I just want to play crafting dead more . My job does take time but I do get 3 days off and I get on before and after my job shift also.
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    I think you’re gonna have to go a bit more in depth with this one boss, he’s nechroposting to get to know the community...
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