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Discussion in 'Mod Suggestions' started by Boss76952, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Boss76952

    Boss76952 Member

    So the only types of NPC's in the game so far are zombies, and bats. I think there should be more. Maybe add a herd of cows or pigs or something, to spice up the game a little. You could find them on the map, and they'd be just like animals in vanilla minecraft. If you were in need of food, you could kill them for rotten steak. Also the zombies would chase the animals and would kill them if they caught up to them somehow.

    Just a small idea. Thanks for reading.
  2. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    I think they should make some custom animals simply because they make all of their stuff.
  3. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    Yeah, wildlife would be very cool. +1
  4. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    I like this idea a lot! +1 from me!
  5. ParadoxicHF

    ParadoxicHF Well-Known Member

    Maybe a deer?I don't know will consider it.
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  6. Strafe55

    Strafe55 Member

    Definitely not a heard of vanilla animals, since CD likes to make there own stuff.
    +1 from me I have to say it is a good idea
  7. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    Seems like quite a good idea...
  8. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    I'd say a deer and perhaps an aggressive bear possibly? Don't know.
  9. Boss76952

    Boss76952 Member

    Hi everyone, since this was just a small post that I thought of and made in a few mins, I will be making a part 2 because a lot of people seem to like this idea. The post will include what type of animals should be in each map.

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