Why The Crafting Dead Died

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jklenk, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Jklenk

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    I hope you all enjoy this video leave a like for our fallen soldier The Crafting Dead
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  2. Coolhunter17

    Coolhunter17 Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    You raise some very valid points, and everyone's fav. part was cure lmao. thanks for the time you put into making this, was cool to see.
  3. Schnozmo

    Schnozmo Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    You forgot to add one of his projects, his app. However, I completely agree, it's sad to see the game like this.
  4. vibraniumoptimus

    vibraniumoptimus New Member

    Ok. I played crafting dead during the cure & aftermath stages. I had quit a little bit after aftermath came out. I do not remember how long I played. I agree that cure was a good version, but compared to the origins singleplayer, I would definitely chose the current. I had come back to crafting dead origins 2 years ago, & was overjoyed to see servers. I played for about a year, but it turned into just camping the shops because of the pay to win aspect of the kits & commands. So, I quit. I have been playing again for about half a year now. When I came back, separate server creators came out. I am talking about seaport 1, 2, & DC. They seem to care about the free to play players, as when you die & respawn, you spawn near or around the area where you died. They also give you a vault, & the shop is accessible all over the map. There are events every 5 minutes or so, that are non partial to whether or not you have a rank, & give you a hefty amount of in-game money. What I am saying is, If you include the servers that are not made by TCD, I would chose origins over cure anytime. The seaport & DC servers eliminate the staff & pay to win reasons that crafting dead died. I think that other than the official servers being PTW all around, the origins version is just a bit all around better than cure.

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