Why Crafting Dead is Dying By: LOLRIS

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    I hope that you, whether a player, moderator, or admin, will take your time to thoroughly read this post.

    Part 1

    Alright, so as many of you guys know, Crafting Dead has been losing its players rapidly. No one is certain as to why. It could be because the game is not interesting anymore, and it could be because of glitches, bugs, etc. It could also be a combination of all of these, and it most likely is. But I believe the most prominent problem with CD is the fact that the game is beginning to bore the players. The developers don’t push interesting updates anymore, and they don’t add new and unique aspects to the game.

    The last “large update” that was pushed added three new paint cans, a new helmet, and some minor tweaks to the guns. I understand that it’s difficult to code whole new guns and items, but the game does not have to revolve around shooting and killing people. Why not make use of zombies in some way? Why not have them drop more useful items? Maybe they could drop items such as half used ammo magazines, half broken melee weapons, or something else that players could utilize to make their game-play more interesting. I think a cool idea would be to make a Creative server, letting people do whatever they want on their own plots, chat, build, or anything!

    Another thing that would keep people interested or even bring in more new players would be making the game less pay-to-win. I know this is a very vague topic and everyone complains about it, but there are plenty of
    games that don’t need to charge $200 for a rank that lets you heal yourself. I get it, you have to make money somehow, but overcharging for ranks, kits, or items is not how you attract players.
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    Part 2

    Like it or not, the player base is dying rapidly. If the developers, admins, and leaders choose to leave the game as it is, Crafting Dead will not last. Counter Craft has already been shut down, and I suspect that Crafting Dead will suffer a similar fate at this rate. So, as an old veteran of this game speaking for many other players, I highly urge that action be taken. It hurts me to see the game diminishing like this. I’ve seen it happen before and I can see the warning signs that this will happen eventually. The answer is simple and I hate to be blunt, but you NEED to act now.

    Come up with ideas, listen to the players, and be creative. It’s time to change. You cannot develop a game, gather a player-base, and expect the game to last. I can’t say too much about hosting a server, because I’ve never done so, but all I know is that it takes dedication. If you want something you need to work for it and keep working for it.

    Think of it like a stockroom, you can make the room, you can fill it with goods, and you’ll be happy with your setup. But over time the goods start to deplete more and more until you’re left with all the goods that no one wanted, and then no one comes back to get anything because there’s nothing that they want. If you want people to come back to your store you’ll need to resupply it with more goods, and get rid of the goods that weren’t popular. All in all, it’s up to the owners and admins whether or not they want the game to survive. If that’s the case, then they need to start taking advice from the player-base. The game is dying, but with the proper care and attitude, it can be saved. It won’t be easy, but then again, nothing great in life is.
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    Start the movement. Only way to save CD
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  5. Blaze7381

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    Honestly, I wouldnt mind it if they had servers for this version of Cd, and had Cure servers... if that could be arranged.
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  6. LPops

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    They were planning on doing that but they never ended up doing it
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  7. AnarchicMeme

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    75% of things end up that way on here. Instead of that we get some new clothing, guns, paint, and food.
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  8. Nanta18

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    As a counter craft staff member I can agree with you @NARLOL we died dont you guys do the same update game often thats one thing we didn'do no need to be huge update but just show its alive have events with players maybe add daily chalenges (kill - ammount of zombies /players) and FIX KARMA ON EU ATLANTA dont let those bugs just stay have bug updates between biger updates
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  9. Jason

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  10. jillv46

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    I agree with you @NARLOL that zombies/walkers should have that kind of drops, but sadly I don't think that will happen.
  11. Codes320

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    Wow you predicted it.
  12. _LostSkillz_

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    It really wasn't a thing that you can predict as it was blatantly obvious.
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    I can honestly speak from experience that CD is dying despite its giant loss of fan base, F3Frrullo a orignal creator to both Counter Craft and Crafting dead has both left and we all knew he favored Counter Craft over CD so im curious as to why CD is still up.
  14. AugustKill

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    It's not hard to code new guns if you already have tons of existing code for guns!
  15. LegionPlays

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    Docked, you do know that the official servers are closing and turning into comunity servers. Also f3 did not technicaly leave as he was the one that made the executive desission to close the officials.
  16. AugustKill

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    @_LostSkillz_ @Jason @LPops @AnarchicMeme
    F3RULLO14 also did his part to kill this mod, he was "betraying" many people by uploading a modpack to technic launcher called "Crafting Dead Cure" when you finally downloaded it, it was nothing else then CD Origins, nothing changed no cd cure this was a clear sight for him not taking the demands of his community serious. then these strange updates wich changed the clothing system wich everyone loved, and the times without updates, when some players leave it gets boring for others wich leads to a slow end
  17. AugustKill

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    he left. he wasn't playing himself, and he didn't really care
  18. LegionPlays

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    Not necessarily, he has a life and a job. He can't dedicate as much time as he would have liked
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    that's a justification, he still left.
  20. Nanta18

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    No he totally didn't he favored CD
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