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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mwalsh111, Mar 28, 2018.

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    Only the cool kids will remember me, I’m a former staff member and have been playing since the modpack first came out. I have quit the game more times then I can count. Mainly though because of my demotion. The entire staff team basically stopped talking to me after which hurt cause I thought they were my friends. Played games with them and talked to them all day long, The sad part is I was forced into doing what I was demoted for. If I didn’t do it I could have gotten into some serious shit. Didn’t even ask me about It they just booted me without question. Just a headsup to any mods reading this, if you get demoted they kinda just ignore you. But that’s besides the point. Recently I went on the serverts to see how everything was and boy was I dissapointed. There was very little players on, chat was dead, everything was just yuck. I did not see a single staff member on any of the servers. And from what I’ve been reading, and from what I’ve heard talking to players they are never on and the servers are always dead. It seems that the Andrew just gave up. I’m sure Lewis and Billy (if they are still around) and some of the staff are trying their best to revive it but Man I miss the old days. The servers would be full and you’d have to sit there refreshing to get online. Always clan wars, and just overall battles and fun. Famous youtubers would make videos, always top 5 modpack on technic ETC. To me it seems that since aftermath the modpack has lost its touch and had just been going on a downhill since. I really, really hope that things go back to the way they were. It was so fun back then but now it’s just sad. Decimation seems to be growing pretty well so that’s where I’ll be. Hopefully things change and I can come back.
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    Hello Mwalsh111,

    While the game has seen less players our management team is working to bring back more players and improve the game overall. Our head of development is planning on hiring more developers to help push out more updates and we are getting news of the game out more. I appreciate you putting your view here but I assure you our team is working to restore the game and make it more popular than ever. As for F3RULLO he has had other responsibilities in his life which he has to attend too, but our new project manager is Cakebrains for future reference. I hope this helped!

    Have a great day!

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    you guys always say you are doing things but it never happen s lmao.
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    I remember you bruh. This modpack is so dead, management doesn't seem to care much anymore. Staff team is bad as well. Pops got demoted for sending a staff member a meme of Paddington...
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    Porn of paddington**** thanks for the support tho, also he was my friend
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    It’s sad how the staff keep denying the obvious. The modpack is dying and they aren’t doing a thing to stop it. Sure they are saying they are but I know from expierence it’s just damage control
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    Crafting Dead is dead but I still have hope.
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    I understand it could appear that way but I can assure you I have seen personally that we are in the process of adding more developers to our team. We also have been adding more youtubers as you can see if you look on our discord roles. I can most definitely assure you that our team is most definitely not doing nothing. We have a lot invested into Crafting Dead and nobody on our team is doing nothing as we wouldn't want to see something we have put a lot of work into. Again I do appreciate you sharing your views but I can assure you or management team is working hard to see that Crafting Dead is restored to what it was.


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    you guys have said that for months
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    Oh my
  14. Brad suggested to make a premium gun spray.

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    *Ahem*[/QUOTE] wow weee
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    : - }
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    I fully agree. Its a shame that this modpack is dying. I think the desaster with crafting dead standalone hurt it most.
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    He did.. It hurt.
    5$ a spray..
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