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Should these things be changed?

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  1. CravenPython108

    CravenPython108 New Member

    So quick introduction for those who don't know me, I played Crafting Dead for a month or two in January/February of 2017. I took a break to go play vanilla again, and came back in the summer. I had a small base on Charland 2 for a little while, and then went back to playing seaport 1, where I refreshed my memory of the gun types, recoil, and started getting gear. I think by the time I left to go play other games, I had 650 kills and 500 some deaths.

    I came back a week or two ago, and I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by the new updates. I don't really have any issues with gun damages, so I'm gonna focus on two things; the HD textures, and the menu.

    So I have two issues with the menu. One is that the friends tab was removed. I like being able to tell when that's my friend walking around instead of an enemy. Surprisingly, some people don't appreciate it when their teammate kills them because they didn't know who it was.

    My second, and more important issue is how hidden the multiplayer tab is (for non-official servers). I prefer to play on seaport rather than the official servers (less scrounging for loot and more wars). If I hadn't previously known there was an option for other servers, I would've never have found it. It's hidden in the sponsored servers tab, under 'other.' I understand you may want servers to give you money to be sponsored, but they shouldn't have to pay to have people be able to find the page to connect to the server.

    Now onto the HD textures. We should have the option to toggle the textures on and off. I'll admit some of them look ok, but they do two things. They make it harder to run because the texture is more advanced, and they make it harder to blend in.

    That it becomes harder to run shouldn't really take much thought to explain. The vanilla textures are 16x16, so each block has a texture 16 pixels across. As far as I can tell, the new textures have at least 64x64, and possibly 128x128. I'm not sure which as I'm not gonna bother counting the pixels in a block of sand. Simply enough, the more defined the texture, the harder it is to render, so you get frame drops. I'm sure some of you have supercomputers stolen from the federal government, but some of us are stuck with lower end computers.

    The blending in thing isn't a huge thing, but with the HD textures, the player model stands out more in the game, as it's made of relatively giant pixels in a world of tiny dots for textures. Like I said, this isn't a huge issue, but I do miss being able to hide in a tree with a tactical ghillie suit.

    For comparison, old textures https://imgur.com/a/O3Ikq and new textures https://imgur.com/a/qTdqj. Also, just as a demonstration thing of what I said about being harder to render, the first screenshot was 130 kb and the second was 570 kb.

    Then part of the reason for wanting vanilla textures is simply because I prefer playing minecraft with zombies and guns to playing this hyper-realistic TWD game. It feels nicer that way for me, and might for some other players.

    So what I would like to see is the friends tab re-added, the multiplayer tab for servers besides the officials or sponsored servers made more obvious, and the ability to toggle HD textures (or have a downloadable texture pack for the HD textures).
  2. FRAncisco

    FRAncisco Member

    Hello, about friend tab you can make a suggestion in the forums ,about the texture, in my opinion its really good.

  3. Lewis

    Lewis Development Manager Staff Member Leadership Team

    You can actually toggle the texture by going into the MC Texture Options and Selecting Vanilla.
  4. gomizzou4

    gomizzou4 Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    Yes I see where you come from. As Lewis said you can toggle the texturepack off and also the reason I believe we got rid of the friends was because the friends lists took a lot o cloud data usage which contributed to crashes although I may be wrong, I believe I am correct.
  5. CravenPython108

    CravenPython108 New Member

    No problem with you liking it, just some people would prefer CD without it.
    This worked, thanks for the tip.

    That's very unfortunate.
  6. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    Seeing how this was solved I will be locking this thread :)
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