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  1. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Hold onto your Top Hats and grab your Monocles because I am creating an all new clan.
    Our most important rule? ALWAYS WEAR A TOP HAT!
    This clan will primarily function around the server Charland EU.

    Our goals are to be the finest gentlemen that ever did exist in the world of Crafting Dead. We want our members to be fine and have a great aim. It is a world of chance, my friends, but the corrupt gentlemen with Top Hats always win the gamble with a flick of the wrist.

    1. Must be mature at all times
    2. Must remain calm no matter the situation
    3. You must be over 12 years of age

    Current Roster (Non Rank Accorded):








    Will defend the squad and provide cover fire from a distance. Usually people who have good accuracy and can stay calm under pressure
    - Carries any long range sniping weapon, such as an AWP or AS50.
    - Scopes will only have "X" in the name. Any scopes such as red dot for example will not be allowed
    - Will carry a combat knife
    - M1911 or M9 with a Red Dot I do believe, whichever attachment fits on. They will also carry a silencer here.

    Gunners will go with the main squadron of the team, usually on the Leader / Officers command. Will be useful in tight situations and close combat.
    - Carries any main weaponry, such as M4s or AKs.
    - Most guns will not have a silencer but a grip and holographic / dot sight.
    - Will carry several flash and frag grenades

    Under normal circumstances, runners will be those who collect resources and bring them back to the main Squadron. However, if used in military, they are used to draw attention and also used for melee combat.
    - Carries any melee weapon with damage 7 and above.
    - Will carry at least 4 medium backpacks
    - Will not have access to firearms unless given permission
    - Has adrenaline syringes for fast relay

    (This is usually given to new, less trusted members)

    I stole this idea from the Eclipse clan, so shout to them. However, I do think it is a good idea. Tanks will be wearing juggernaut armour and regularly carrying a minigun. It is advised that they will also take adrenaline too.
    - As stated, carries a minigun with several clips
    - Will carry juggernaut armour at all times
    - Will have access to a lot of a Adrenaline syringes in case they need to bolt.

    (Teammates will carry their food and water)

    Personally picked by the leader to lead a squadron.
    - This rank is given to those that have been with the clan for a while, or those who the owner is certain to trust
    - Will carry the respective items of whatever squadron they are part of

    Manages incoming applicants and group issues, including Discord.
    - Can engage within the game, this is the person who is the most trusted. They can accept / deny people of their will.

    I have used spaces for easy reading:
    &fTHC(name w/ colours)

    The application format will be displayed below


    Age (12+):

    Rank (If you do not have, write N/A):

    Current clan

    Why do you want to join us?:

    What role do you wish to play?

    Discord name

    Why pick us?:


    If you can make us an image, I'd really love if you could hit me up in PMs (Discord or Forums)

    Extra note: The roles provided are to be used as often as possible. If you have permission you do not have to used assigned role. Also, you can whatever gun you want when not with a squad of 3+ players
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  2. Toyhat

    Toyhat Administrator Staff Member Administration Team

    Sign me up lads!
  3. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Wait really? xD
    If ya wanna sign up, you gotta apply bud :)
  4. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    Good luck with the clan I would apply only thing is I don't play EU or charland US or EU enough to be in a clan
  5. Ahhh312

    Ahhh312 New Member

    Name: Mike Avery But My Nickname is Ah312.

    Age: 13.

    Rank: N/A.

    Current Clan: None.

    Why Do You Want To Join Us: It Is Because I Like Helping People And Making Friends And Defend Them From Danger And That I Like Having Company And Going to The BattleField I'm Not Good At Pvp cuz I'm using a laptop but some days and I will return to my good computer And Strike Them Down.

    What Role Do You Wish To Play: I Like Being Sneaky And Deadly But I Hate When I'm Spotted Or Striked Down So I Want to Be A Sniper So I Kill Without Anyone Seeing me.

    Discord Name: I Do Not Like Joining Discord Because People Harass Me.
  6. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Sorry, but we have decided to deny this application
    We have denied for the following reasons:
    You do not have Discord, therefore we cannot communicate
    Your application layout and grammar could be heavily improved.

    You can re-apply for the clan in 3 days.
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  7. Strafe55

    Strafe55 Member

    Good luck with the clan, I am happy to see so more charland clans. But unfortunately I am already in a charland clan.
  8. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Thank you, and good luck.
  9. zNightMare69K

    zNightMare69K New Member


    Age (12+):13-14

    Rank (If you do not have, write N/A):Veteran

    Current clan: No clan

    Why do you want to join us?:i love this clan

    What role do you wish to play?:sniper

    Discord name:NightMare69K#1866

    Why pick us?:Idk want as clan
  10. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Denied due to lack of description and grammar
    You may re-apply within three days

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  11. Carl

    Carl New Member

    Age (12+):15

    Rank (If you do not have, write N/A): Lost Soul
    Current clan: Currently no clan but i have been going strong without one so far.

    Why do you want to join us?:i got asked if i wanted to join the clan and go send a link to this page to send a aplication but other than that i have no clue what this clan is :D

    What role do you wish to play?: I have no wish to play as a class so put me on the most usefull one all tho i do like the tank class

    Discord name: Commando#5438

    Why pick us?: Got asked if i wanted to join the clan so it wasent straight up my choice but i got invited and accepted
  12. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Now your grammar could be improved but I did send a direct invitation to you.

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  13. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    IGN: Herosilas

    Age (12+): 14

    Rank (If you do not have, write N/A): N/A

    Current clan: None

    Why do you want to join us?: Because I really like the goofy name! ;) (and becuase it seems like it would be a load of fun!)

    What role do you wish to play?: Runner mostly

    Discord name: Herosilas#3686

    Why pick us?: As I said, it sound s like a load of fun and the cool name! :D
  14. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Thanks for applying for the clan.
    I did a quick run over and you seem like a fit, grammatical runner!
    PM me over on Discord at Kikife#4264 and I will give you the THC Discord link!

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  15. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    So this is a grammar Nazi clan? Or is it you just want people who know correct grammar when they sign up so they don't look uneducated?
  16. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Yeah. I'd just like to know what my players are saying and have it clear and understandable.
  17. WillS1888

    WillS1888 Well-Known Member

    Can I use a fedora instead of a tophat. It's a Memelord lucifer trade mark
  18. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Must be a Top Hat
  19. WillS1888

    WillS1888 Well-Known Member

    That's bull!
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  20. Billkek

    Billkek New Member




    Current Clan:none

    Why do you want to join us?:I want people to hang out with and have fun.

    What role do you wish to play?:Anything is fine

    Discord name:kekes tis gitonias#1119

    Why pick us:You seem like a cool guy and u picked my interest also that you have to wear a top hat

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