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  1. mrjeremeyDGW1

    mrjeremeyDGW1 New Member

    Hello my name is jeremey i am the owner of better known as seaport, we would like to be on the sponsered list.

    Name of Server:
    Username of Owner:

    Discord Username of Owner:

    What does/will your server offer to its community members?
    Our server will offer some pvp based maps in the craftingdead modpack, instead of large maps where people can walk walk for hours and survive the zombie apocolypse with a bunch if friends, we give them smaller maps that are more bases on pvp and clans keeping controll of important buildings.

    Does your server have stable community management and support?
    We try to help everyone that needs our support, in the history our support has not been very good, but with help of a few people we are finally getting things right again!

    Does your server currently have a playerbase?
    Yes we have been on the modpack for 4 years and we made a pretty big playerbase, some players have sadly left us. But we are working on a large update for the network that will bring the old players back, and hopefully bring some new players

    What makes your server different and attractive to players?
    Most CD servers offer large maps where people can walk around and survive the apocolypse, we give the people smaller maps where they can kill, teamup and take over important buildings, beside the pvp part, there are zombies in the world that will try to kill you, we are adding alot new things to the network soon!

    I have unbanned all your accounts, the old owner banned a few of ur accounts ( brad lewis and billy )

    I hope we can get a spot on the sponsered list and help the modpack to gain people again, i will try to advertise the modpack the best i can!

    Kind regards
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  2. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

  3. Affusion

    Affusion Staff Manager Staff Member Leadership Team

    Please don't leave negative comments on our forum.
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  4. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

    huh I was just expressing my opinion being "no"
  5. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Well-Known Member

    Alright, I am going to give my opinion on this. I am not here to spread negativity, just to express my opinion.

    In my opinion, I do not think this server should be on the sponsored list. This server has so many problems with its staff team and management. I used to be an Admin for this server and I witnessed first hand some of the sketchy things they do. The previous owner of this server Denireilly has doxed players and staff members of this server. He doxed someone for recreating the map of Seaport and using it for his use. The previous owner has also lied to people numerous times telling them they are not able to transfer ranks from account to account because "it would cause an issue with BuyCraft." He's also issued bans for people that would criticize him or his server. That takes me to my next point, the punishment system on this server is horrific. Staff just go around warning people for reasons that they shouldn't be warned for. They issue people who spawn kill in their gunmaze an hour+ in a jail. They also mute people for an hour for their first offence. They give many other ridiculous punishments that are way too extreme. The staff on this server are also extremely immature. I have had instances where some of the staff members are just flat out rude and don't know how to handle situations. Most of the staff members on this server are kids that are around 12-13 years old. Most of them just are very inexperienced and unprofessional. Lastly, this server is a pay2win server. You basically need to buy /home to win on this server. Last time I checked you can buy up to 4 /homes and you can use them every 30 seconds which is absurd.
  6. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    *Rework staff team
    *Fix pay2win concept
    *Assure the team the alleged sketchy actions are not in continuation
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  7. mrjeremeyDGW1

    mrjeremeyDGW1 New Member

    Josh when you make a post like this, try to stay informed, you have been banned and telling stuff thats old, the staffteam right now has a 15+ requirement so we do not accept 12/13 years old people.

    And what happend when eddy was here isnt my fault so please do not blaime the network for this, i am trying to solve all the things that eddy did wrong.

    About the pay2win part, i know seaport is pay2win but im slowly making it fair to the people that can not afford ranks, and i say slowly because i cannot just take it all away, that will make donaters very angry
  8. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Well-Known Member

    I was banned for criticizing your server...
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  9. Affusion

    Affusion Staff Manager Staff Member Leadership Team

    Please stop.
  10. CookieKillerzz

    CookieKillerzz Active Member

    First day back on after a long time I see nothing has changed lmao.

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