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  1. Synconix

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    Name: Synconix (Noah)

    What sort of developer position are you applying for?: Coder

    How long have you been apart of the community?: I started playing CD around 2 years ago. If your talking about just the community like the forums and the discord server than I have been apart of the community for 6 months.

    Do you play official servers?: Of course! Mostly Dead Island and Atlanta but I sometimes go on other ones.

    Have you had experience in development before?: Tons of experience! Let me start off by saying that I have my own mod pack. It’s a mod pack where you have to create different technological things to become the best. I also used to develop for an old PVP server which wasn’t really successful so I won’t explain much about that. A couple of friends and I have also created a development group which is still a thing, we get sales from time to time but not that much. I also made some code for a CTF server a while ago which is shown in the work that I DMed Lewis.

    Do you have any existing work you can present?:

    Have you put any suggestions in? Is this something you would want to work on?: I have a couple suggestions that I have submitted but most of them I have not submitted because I am not sure if they are good enough. I am planning on suggesting some more cool things, I have some good ones in mind.

    How would you describe your development skills and knowledge?: I have been a developer for 3 years now. I started off with web development but then moved more into Java. Out of 10, I would rate my development skills an 8.

    Do you understand you would have to work as a team?: Understood, teamwork is an important thing when it comes to development.

    Why do you want to be a developer?: Crafting dead has been one of my favorite mod packs since I played it for the first time. Crafting dead has come so far from when I first joined 2 years ago to now and I would like to be apart of making it better.

    Can you name the current development team?:

    Anything else, about you, age, nationality?: I am a teenager. I like lots of sports; I have played Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer. If I am not playing Minecraft I am either playing on a gaming console, going to school, playing outside, coding, etc. I have 11 pets! 3 Hamsters, 3 Rabbits, 1 Fish, 2 Dogs, and 2 Cats!! I live in North America, in the country America, In the state of New York. My favorite celebrity is Eminem. I am very good at developing things, even outside Minecraft. I can code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have made 2 discord bots and have been hired by some people to make discord bots before. Gaming & Coding is what I love to do best. I also like doing graphic designs, I make profile pictures for fun sometimes. The last thing is I really like to travel!
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  2. MrKhaotic

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    Best of luck! Although you DMed Lewis your work, I will still post it in your application.
  3. GZF

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    I'd post your work - it's good to get community feed back on it.
  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    Personally, I don't really think you have any all... I knew you from when you were a so called "Media manager" on CD standalone but were removed from your position seeing as you were not mature enough. As well as that, back then you were barely getting started with learning how to "code", which was only a few months ago. Sorry to say this, but without some proof of past work, I doubt you really have any experience that can come in handy here. Nonetheless, good luck I suppose.
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  5. Synconix

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    Thanks for the feedback, although yes that is true my position was removed because I said something and it was taken in a bad way. And when I was getting started to "code" I meant that as in game development. I still knew how to do Java and stuff back then. Also I might post my GitHub here so that people can see some of my work but I don't want to advertise my work since my work is like the mod pack that I made as well as my discord bot and I don't really know if posting it would be considered "advertising" so Lewis just told me to send it to him instead of posting it here. I appreciate the feedback though.
  6. Phoenix

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    If you're applying for something, there's no need to worry about it being "advertisment" because its clearly not as you're proving a point that you do have a development background. S0 post it here as well, so people from the community can contribute their opinion as well as the staff / devs get a better understanding of what you can do. Remember, Lewis isn't the only developer.
  7. Synconix

    Synconix Active Member

    It's late right now so tomorrow I will post my GitHub which contains all my work so you guys can see, thanks for the feedback! :D
  8. AAG_Victorious

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    so uhm any chance you are going to post it today? you said you were going to post it on Friday.

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