/Suicide Option for Everyone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MilitaryMan, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I had an experience awhile back where I was playing solo in Charland, I was relatively new to the game and made a mistake-accepting a random teleport request, which I accepted confused and was teleported to prison in the corner of the map, I was stuck in a cell because a clan mate teleported me in and the other closed the door, and the one who did it /suicided himself leaving me alone with two other people they had done the same to. I /msg one of the clansmen and asked to be let out after I killed the other two players so they can escape, the clansman said pay him all the money i had (800 default). I went along and he just laughed and said thanks for the free cash. Frustrated I couldn't kill myself I logged off and back on a few hours later and the door was open so I left. They should give everyone a /suicide so they arent stuck in a cell by some random person thinking they're hilarious, it was very annoying and it was not a good first impression.

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