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Discussion in 'Mod Suggestions' started by Flo_du_Yah, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Flo_du_Yah

    Flo_du_Yah New Member

    Hey I heard about the next update that seem's to be really nice, but I'd like to suggest few things that could enhance the game experience:
    -First thing: Adding vehicle could be a great improvement because often we spawn in small villages or far from the city and this "trip" to join the urban areas is often very long, so adding vehicle that you can buy or found could be great. Like that you could have your vehicle that you bought at the car shop, maybe you can find fuel in the safe zone shop and lock it or go for a ride with...

    -Second thing: To add a mod that allows to lie down on the ground or make a real sneak like that you can't get caught by zombie or other player more or less like smart moving mod (

    Well that's I hope that could inspire you and you can make something with it ;)

  2. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    So... f3rullo doesn't like implomenting other mods or pretty much anything that isn't his or the communitys work it seems. And also vehicles are hard to code and make a lot of lag. This has been suggested, like so many times and nothing has happened. I really agree they should be added, but it's probably not gonna happen anytime soon if EVER (thats my impression).
  3. Equad

    Equad Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes I agree. They also already said no to vehicles due to the amount of lag this will create so sorry -1 on that idea but I do love the second one crouching I've wanted this for a very long time and it could help when sniping so +1 on that idea! Keep making these amazing suggestions!
  4. Flo_du_Yah

    Flo_du_Yah New Member

    Hero_silas yes you're right but I also reflexed a lot on it and I told myself that without trying we can't have anything, I also didn't know that f3rullo said no to vehicle sorry, I began CD almost 2 weeks ago. But thanks you so much for your replies ;)

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  5. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    Well, welcome to the community. I hope you will like it here. :D
  6. Flo_du_Yah

    Flo_du_Yah New Member

    Thank you very much I already like the game and the people a lot :)
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  7. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    No vehicles, but having a crouch and prone feature would help
  8. Matrixiz

    Matrixiz Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I love the idea of the crouch! Give more of a realistic feeling to sniping and warfare. :p
    I have always wanted dual wielding (pistols) to be a thing on this server. It would be so cool! Left click to shoot left gun; same for right.
    And I have heard this a lot: We NEED to add the factions to the mod pack. I would be so nice to join a fac, and then have the name displayed above your ign. Even if it was just a short form with colors.

    Clan name: Reapers
    Displayed above ign: REAP
  9. Flo_du_Yah

    Flo_du_Yah New Member

    Yeah in fact adding factions could also add lot of events like fights against factions or maybe a conquest part of the game and like that it will make real offense or defenses fights...
    I also love the dual pistols, it adds a Max Payne :cool:universe to the game and it might be very useful to:D.
    Also about crouching I saw few pictures on internet that I will add at this thread like that it could help the developers if they want to add this part to the gameplay. I hope also that crawling or crouching could help to move stealthily and like that you can't get caught by zombie a bit like in unturned for the ones who know.

    thanks so much for your replies :)


    duelling.jpg climbing.jpg sneak.jpg
    The dual guns (In Flan's Mod) Climbing character (smart moving mod) Crawling character (smart moving mod)
  10. Affusion

    Affusion Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Belongs in a different section.

  11. Joeli_Ollie

    Joeli_Ollie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Just to add to the sub-suggestion of adding crouch and prone, it's about potentially limiting the player base.

    As you might know, CD already uses a range of mods. users of all types play this pack, some with amazing gaming computers, while others, like myself, are stuck with cheap laptops for a variety of reasons. If more mods are added, this just increases the risk of not only increasing lag potential but also will automatically crash some clients. For example, I have trouble playing a Pokemon modpack and even though it starts, it crashes during gameplay every half hour. The heavier the game ram gets, the harder it will be for lower PC's to access this game.

    Also, I might like to note, CD dev's like to make their own mods, and rarely use others. We created all of our custom skins to my knowledge, and most of the mods too, so even if this weren't a problem mentioned above, Dev's would have to create it from scratch.
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  12. ParadoxicHF

    ParadoxicHF Developer Staff Member Developer

    Adding vehicles will not happen due to the amount of lag it will cause but proning/crouching can be considered
  13. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I could only imagine the possible exploits with prone and getting into bases...
    *Rubs hands maniacally*
  14. Flo_du_Yah

    Flo_du_Yah New Member

    Yes in fact I didn't ignored the fact of pc and the budget for playing, but I like to participate to game that I like so I preferred to express myself risking those kind of feedbacks.

    Thanks for your answers


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