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  1. Eyesonacid

    Eyesonacid New Member

    * In game minecraft name(s) :

    * Age. (Note: You must be 14 or over to apply) :

    * What is your timezone/country? :
    Pacific standard time

    * Do you have a working microphone? :
    Yes, and its really good

    * Do you have Discord? If so please list your Discord name with number discriminator. (eg, Zand#0001) :

    * Are you bilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages, and not just one) :
    Yes, I speak English, Spanish, Mixteco, and I'm learning Punjabi.

    * When did you join Crafting Dead? ( m/dd/yyyy )
    I honestly have no idea, I would say 4/1/2017

    * Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so, please describe it below. :
    If you are a moderator on other server(s), then you must provide invite links as proof.

    * Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? :
    I have always been excited with the idea of moderating a server, kinda like when your parents finally trust you taking your car out whenever you want. JK all jokes aside, I want to help this modpack in anyway I can, I want to do my part and more.

    * Tell us what you think makes a good role model on the Crafting Dead Network. :
    Please give 2 - 3 examples!
    - Being friendly in chat and not being afraid to joke around a bit.
    - I often get on discord and talk to new players, not just on this mod pack but on other games as well.
    -I'm older than most of the people playing so I can be a supporting person in times of need.

    * How much time do you have to contribute to the role? When did you begin playing? :
    - I could devote 20 hours a week to the role, I am in college so I am busy sometimes but this seems like a great opportunity to meet new people and help out the community. I met some of closest friends on here and would love to do the same for the community. I began playing since early last year.

    * In detail tell us why you should be chosen over other applicants who are asking for the same role? :
    Being a bit older over the average applicants I believe that I could contribute more in terms of familiarizing new players with the "know-how" of the game and with resolving a wide variety of issues in an orderly manner. When dealing with younger kids, one needs patience and that is something that you learn with time and experience. My college has a tutoring service and I deal with high school and middle school kids a lot.

    * Give us a few reasons why we should bring you on as staff member, what makes you better than others? :
    I firmly believe that I would be a worthwhile asset to the team, I am bilingual and solving problems with non English speaking players can be a hassle. When someone speaks to you in your native language, you generally feel that you can trust this person, this can be seen in Spanish culture more so than others and I wish to make others feel comfortable in our crafting dead community.

    * Which server are you most active on within the Crafting Dead community servers?:
    Dead Island

    * What are your top three weaknesses? (Nothing is not an answer). :
    - In real life, I am a bit awkward, it's something I have been struggling with for a while.
    -Being in public areas, I'm claustrophobic as well so that doesn't help, being at a mall for example, especially in clothing stores where racks of clothes are packed so densely, I start sweating profusely and get these sharp pains in my chest area which is why I generally do all my shopping online.
    -People, gosh sometimes interacting with some humans can be a real hassle, but it's just something you have to deal with in life.
  2. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Hello and welcome back after your long break.
    Well here are some of the negatives:
    1. You just came back a few days ago after disappearing for months
    2. You just joined the community discord today and you spoke for the first time for almost 4 months on the community servers just to remark how dead the modpack is(kind of adding onto no.1
    3. You have a very legthy history of punishments and you have not the best behavior type. punishments filled with warnings, mutes, kicks and bans. Some bans being very lengthy for hacking and ban evaiding.(and dont you try and disclame this as I witnessed your behavior on multiple occasions)
    4. Not having any previous moderation experience is a downfall.
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  3. Eyesonacid

    Eyesonacid New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm not going to try to excuse my behavior from the past, but I think context is important when bringing up what I said about CD being dead.
  4. MrKhaotic

    MrKhaotic Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Honestly I am not a person to focus entirely on a person's past, just as long as that person changed in a positive way and for the better. I know you had a brief history of punishments here but that doesn't change the fact that you have changed and you can help the community a lot. Morty, you are a good guy and I wouldn't mind seeing you as staff. Just a word of advice: Add some more detail to your application.
  5. Eyesonacid

    Eyesonacid New Member

    Thanks for the feedback Khaotic, like i said previously, I can't excuse what I did in the past. However, this past 12 months that have gone by have not only given me a chance to reflect on myself but also put me in a situation where you kinda have to grow up really fast. I started seeing life for what it really is. I will be sure to add more detail in a future application, I just felt that I would be repeating the same information if I had a paragraph response for each question.
  6. JamalCurry

    JamalCurry New Member

    Cool application! I might know of some of the salty behavior in the past, but the past is the past and the future is coming. I think anyone can change and be a good person if they just try! I do believe that you can be back unto the community well and change your behavior, but I doubt that you have what it takes to be staff. This is because you lack much if any experience in this area.

    Also adding on to Legion's post that you just returned from a long drought from the community: I would suggest to spent more time in the community and get to know the newer people better so you can have better chances on getting positions of staff.

    Last constructive criticism... This application doesn't look sincere to me. It might be due to the inside jokes or matter or speech the whole app looks like, but I don't get the genuine vibe. In other words it seems like you aren't trying really hard and are just joking around. Just an assumption due to the way I first read the app.

    Overall... Spend more time on community, look into moderation as a training or learning source, and finally try and be not toxic so that people will view you different than what you were.

    Good luck!
  7. Eyesonacid

    Eyesonacid New Member

    Thanks for your feedback JamalCurry. I don't know if we have met before, regardless, I'd like to address some of the points you made. I took this application very seriously, I honestly don't have time to be "meming" around, my time has become a commodity to me since enrolling into college. I can assure you I am not joking around with the statements I said. When planning my application, I decided to go with quality rather than quantity,and at the end of the day you have the right to form your own opinion. I'm sorry you feel that I'm toxic. We have clearly never talked in any voice chat of any kind. Lastly, I think you are over analyzing my statements, I did try to add some comedic effect in there to make the application seem a little more friendly.

    Again thanks for the feedback and hope we can talk in discord sometime in the future.
  8. Zandnstorm

    Zandnstorm Community Manager Staff Member Community Manager

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