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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by OhSnapItzJet, Nov 1, 2018.

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  1. OhSnapItzJet

    OhSnapItzJet New Member

    * In game minecraft name(s) :

    * Age. (Note: You must be 14 or over to apply) :

    * What is your timezone/country? :
    USA Central timezone

    * Do you have a working microphone? :

    * Do you have Discord? If so please list your Discord name with number discriminator. (eg, Zand#0001) : OhSnapItzJet#4214

    * Are you bilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages, and not just one) :

    * When did you join Crafting Dead? ( m/dd/yyyy )
    12/30/2015 - I honestly have no clue when but about 2-3 years ago is when I started.

    * Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so, please describe it below. :
    If you are a moderator on other server(s), then you must provide invite links as proof.

    * Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? :
    I have been playing CD for a very long time now and wish to become Staff as I can really help new players.

    * Tell us what you think makes a good role model on the Crafting Dead Network. :
    Please give 2 - 3 examples!
    - Being Friendly in chat
    - Helping when asked

    * How much time do you have to contribute to the role? When did you begin playing? :
    - 2-3 hours a day, Minus weekends

    * In detail tell us why you should be chosen over other applicants who are asking for the same role? :
    I believe that I can help people when they need it, I have experience with fixing common issues on CD.

    * Give us a few reasons why we should bring you on as staff member, what makes you better than others? :
    I am very active, I am online almost every day and check discord frequently.

    * Which server are you most active on within the Crafting Dead community servers?:
    Dead Island is the server I am most active on.

    * What are your top three weaknesses? (Nothing is not an answer). :
    - I have issues with controlling my anger.
    - I do not take jokes very well.
    - I do not like it when people boss me around.

    * Any questions or concerns? :
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  2. JamalCurry

    JamalCurry New Member

    I would suggest adding color schemes and making it look a little more formal. I do believe you are on to something here, but you could add just a bit more detail and effort. Best of luck!
  3. Schnozmo

    Schnozmo Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Hey! I suggest adding more detail, best of luck!
  4. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Some color and more detail are recommended. Good luck
  5. MrKhaotic

    MrKhaotic Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    More detail man. Besides that, you're a great guy who I would love to see as staff!
  6. Jazzer

    Jazzer Community Manager Staff Member Community Manager

    Application looks great! As many have suggested already just add some more detail. Best of luck!
  7. TheBomb1216

    TheBomb1216 New Member

    The application looks good. Good luck!
  8. Zandnstorm

    Zandnstorm Community Manager Staff Member Community Manager

    Hey Jet,
    I will not be delivering any good news today sadly, but I would like to praise you on a few points. It seems like your thoughts and heart are in the right spot. I appreciate how you said you can help with common problems, and the hours you can devote every day. The reason I am denying this application today is the lack of detail, as it said in the post before you started, "Low effort applications will be instantly rejected and deleted". Re apply again in two weeks time with some thought out answers!

    Thanks again

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