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    In game minecraft name(s) :


    * Age. (Note: You must be 14 or over to apply) :


    * What is your timezone/country? :

    UTC -2

    * Do you have a working microphone? :

    Yes, i have one Razer Kraken Pro V2

    * Do you have Discord? If so please list your Discord name with number discriminator. (eg, Zand#0001) :

    Yes Digo#4732

    * Are you bilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages, and not just one) :

    I speak 2 languages Portuguese and English

    * When did you join Crafting Dead? ( m/dd/yyyy )


    Base Questions. Answer the following questions about you truthfully. Any false info/incompleteness will be cause for rejection!
    NOTE: Your responses should be DETAILED, any laziness will also be cause for rejection.

    * Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so, please describe it below. :
    If you are a moderator on other server(s), then you must provide invite links as proof.

    Since I've been playing this game for a long time, I've learned how to be a moderator and I really wanted this profession in the community.

    * Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? :

    because I want to help the community of administration and help the community of players who according to the other moderators are busy with other things I can help and satisfy the requests of the players who are in doubt

    * Tell us what you think makes a good role model on the Crafting Dead Network. :
    Please give 2 - 3 examples!

    A good role model is someone who follows the rules and obeys them. Another example would be to offer advice to a new player and offering to team with them.

    * How much time do you have to contribute to the role? When did you begin playing? :

    10 days ago, I began playing back in 2016 during Cure.

    * In detail tell us why you should be chosen over other applicants who are asking for the same role? :

    Because the fact that I have plenty of time in my life I could be much more useful helping everyone always fast, another reason and I can speak more than one language and be able to help someone who does not know English and only knows how to speak Portuguese

    * Give us a few reasons why we should bring you on as staff member, what makes you better than others? :

    by the fact that I have free time and speak two languages I could help the community of players much faster than I staff with many obligations in their personal life

    * Which server are you most active on within the Crafting Dead community servers? :

    Dead Island

    * What are your top three weaknesses? (Nothing is not an answer). :

    i have just only one weaknesses, I'm very annoyed when I see someone with doubts in the Discord group and I can not do anything

    * Any questions or concerns? :

    No, Thank you
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    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Hello here is some concerns
    To start "NOTE: Your responses should be DETAILED, any laziness will also be cause for rejection." Keep that in mind.

    I was gonna go into every problem, but many answers after the quote above has problems... it would just be easier to say add LOTS more detail and fix the answers you gave becuase most of this is feels sloppy and rushed.

    Also you persistently asked me for the application page without putting much effort into finding it yourself.
    Than you posted it in less than 30 minuites of me sending you the link, further adding onto the rushed feeling.

    Also you put ONE weakness, basically saing "Nothing" for the other two.

    Lastly you said you learned how to be staff, but the question asked if you had any previous experience, so your answer should be around the word "no"

    I very much dislike this application becuase of the lack of effort and detail. I will not recommend you based on the current application

    This is some constructive critisism you might want to consider, good luck
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    Also from when I was playing,dead island had the most mods.
  4. FrostBitten09

    FrostBitten09 New Member

    Also when it asked 2-3 reasons what a good example is,you COPIED IT WORD FOR WORD ON KHAOTICS POST,plagurization,you said in same words what he said.

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