Slug ammo's name should change(hear me out).

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Should the Slug ammo be renamed?

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  1. Mr_Humphrey

    Mr_Humphrey New Member

    The ammo for the mossberg is called slug ammo and shoots higher damage than the trenchgun. There is a small problem with that. Slug shotgun shells do not fire pellets in real life. Instead they fire a single large bore(big bullet)-NOT led pellets.

    I am not asking to change the number of pellets to a single high damage pellet. No, that would be weird and easily exploitable. I merely ask that you rename the ammo from slug to high power or buck-shot etc.
    It's a small thing but I sticks out like a sort thumb if you know any thing about realsteel shotguns.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this small suggestion.
  2. WillS1888

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  3. Mr_Humphrey

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