Denied Skapern's Developer Application V2

Discussion in 'Developer Applications' started by Skapern, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    ^^ What he said. Techne makes it a bit difficult since a lot of people don't take the time to fully understand how it works and whats possible with it
  2. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Techne is quite simple and straightforward. Blender/Cinema4D however, are much, much harder.
  3. Heartless007

    Heartless007 Well-Known Member

    You deserve this mate. +1
  4. gomizzou4

    gomizzou4 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Looks good! Good luck hope you get it!
  5. MrKhaotic

    MrKhaotic Well-Known Member

    You have an amazing and unique skill. I see you being a great addition to the team. Good luck! +1
  6. is256bs

    is256bs Member

    love it!! good luck bro <3
  7. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

    food shelf (vending machines are retarded)
    grappling hooks
    gun rack
  8. ParadoxicHF

    ParadoxicHF Well-Known Member

    Welp u offended my poor vending machine!
  9. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    The vending machines do suck a little...
  10. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

    I never seen rick grimes grappling around like the guy out of Just Cause. I'd rather not have those.
  11. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

    Rip Techne, I tried using toolbox or whatever the other day and it was horrible
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
  12. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

    And +1 to my boy Skapern
  13. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Developer Staff Member Developer

    Sadly Skapern told me in a call that he had given up on becoming a developer...
  14. Lewis

    Lewis Head Developer Staff Member Head Developer

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