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  1. We Mainly like to dominate Airfield and Boat
    Please comment in the comment section below with the "How To Join", information format filled out.
    Allies: FairyTale
    Requirments: If you are Veteran or above on the Crafting Dead servers, your tag must have Sim in front of it. The command is /nick &3Sim(Name)
    How To Join

    IGN -
    Age - (Minimum Age is 13)
    Favorite Gun -
    Server Played on Most (SPM):
    Rank - (Does Not Matter What Rank)
    Skype- (Only message me your Skype)


    IGN - BloodKnightsHD
    Age - 16
    Favorite Gun - M4A1
    SPM: Dead Island #2
    Rank - Assassin (Dead Island 1)
    Survivor (Dead Island 2)
    Skype- Message it to BloodKnightsHD for security purposes

    (Clan will expand to other servers if enough members join from a specific servers)
    US Dead-Island #1
    US Dead-Island #2


    Required in order to join!

    Owner/Founder: BloodKnightsHD
    Administrator: TBD
    Moderator: altdestroy

    See Website for rest of clan list

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  2. altdestroy

    altdestroy New Member

    Favorite Gun-Akm
    SPM-Dead Island 2
    Rank-Mercenary(Dead Island 1)
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  3. Thats a box

    Thats a box New Member

    IGN - _tragedy
    Age - 13
    Fav Gun - AWP
    SPM - Dead Island 2
    Rank - Raider (Dead Island 2)

    IGN - _tragedy
    Edad - 13
    Arma preferida - AWP
    SPM - Isla muerta 2
    Rango - Asaltante (Isla muerta 2)
  4. PyromaniacLeader

    PyromaniacLeader New Member

    IGN- Pyromaniacleader
    Fav Gun- M107
    Smp-Dead Island 1
    Rank- Survivor (Dead Island 1)
    Skype- Pyromaniacleader
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  5. destrotroop

    destrotroop Well-Known Member

    Tbh we are the only people that consistently dominate af. When we come online, people start dying.

    Ain't dat right señior? @Fracks
  6. EpicPancake

    EpicPancake Well-Known Member

    I may not be Fracks but I can confirm this happens.
  7. Fracks

    Fracks Member

    @destrotroop We usually control the barracks, tower, basically all of airfield when we have our full team. Even when it's just like two clanmembers on we still rek. But I guess we're just spamming this clan recruitment post now, huh?
  8. List

    List New Member

    IGN - TheList
    Age - 16
    Favorite Gun - M107
    Server Played on Most (SPM): Dead Island #1
    Rank - Survivor (Dead Island #1)
    - Survivor (Dead Island #2)
    Skype- Yall already know
  9. TheGamingWolfTV

    TheGamingWolfTV New Member

    IGN - TheGamingWolfTV
    Age - 15
    Favorite Gun - M4A1
    Server Played on Most (SPM): Dead Island #1
    Rank - Survivor (Dead Island #1)
  10. destrotroop and Fracks when I am online I dominate I fear no player.
  11. destrotroop

    destrotroop Well-Known Member

    Well I mean, we don't exactly need someone to fear us to mail them 2 M107 Headshots. We also offer free shipping and very fast delivery times :3
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  12. altdestroy

    altdestroy New Member

    Fear no player is damn right I've been doing this longer than any of you
  13. destrotroop

    destrotroop Well-Known Member

    Longer than 3-4 years? I doubt it :3

    We can aalways 1v1 or 2v2
  14. Experience means nothing if you can't aim a gun. It's you either have the skill or you don't.
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  15. sadie

    sadie New Member

    favorite gun- Scar-H
    spm- Dead Island #1
  16. altdestroy

    altdestroy New Member

    IGN - Glaz3dHailStone
    Age - I Am 16 Years Of Age
    Favorite Gun - I Love The M4A1
    Server Played on Most (SPM): US Dead Island #1
    Rank - I'm A Survivor
    Skype- Joshua.harland2
    Servers I Play On- US Dead-Island #1
  17. KillerKing1209

    KillerKing1209 New Member

    Fav gun- M4A1
    Server played most on- Dead island 1
    Rank- im a member
    skype-Easton meador
  18. Long Nguyen

    Long Nguyen New Member

    Fav gun- sporter 22
    server played on- dead island #1, #2
    rank- no rank
    IGN- brogfast

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