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Discussion in 'Development Asset Submission' started by Skapern, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Skapern

    Skapern Moderator Staff Member Moderator Developer

    Heartless wanted me to, so I did.

    Idea / Asset Name: Shelf and gunrack.
    Asset Type: [Model, Texture] Both in a way.
    Attachments: [Read Bottom] Below..
    If Applicable, Concept Image ingame: Nah fam..


    I tried to somewhat immitate lootable items in the game already.

    Gun Rack:

    You can just render the gun models in the game on them.

    Thank you for reading and thanks to Heartless for the idea.

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  2. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    If you can give the shelf a wood texture, we can maybe try something :)
  3. ParadoxicHF

    ParadoxicHF Well-Known Member

    We could work on this.
  4. Jackson

    Jackson Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    This looks noice.
  5. Lewis

    Lewis Head Developer Staff Member Head Developer

    I like the gun rack.
  6. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    Both look nice!
  7. Heartless007

    Heartless007 Well-Known Member

    This was my idea baby
    Thanks for making this so they can add it
  8. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    ew he said baby
  9. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    Nice models!
  10. gomizzou4

    gomizzou4 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Good idea!
  11. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    This is really cool. +1

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