Solved Server's vaults destroy certian ammo

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by vibraniumoptimus, Sep 18, 2018.

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  1. IGN: TitaneerYeager

    If you load any kind of special ammo (example an AP mag for the AS50) & then put the gun into pv or vault, when you get the gun back out, it will be normal ammo with some bullets missing. I did die, so you may have to die for the bug to occur, I don't want to test it on my special ammo.

    severity: 2-3
  2. Schnozmo

    Schnozmo Senior Staff Staff Member Senior Team

    Which server did you experience this on?
  3. DC I believe, but if not on dc, it was one one of the seaports. I am pretty sure it was on dc, but I do not know.
  4. iNovaa

    iNovaa Leadership Team Staff Member Leadership Team

    We do not manage DC or Seaport, please contact Denireilly on Discord to report your issue.

    Thanks! :)
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