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Discussion in 'Coding' started by Captain_Biscuit, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. I need someone who could help me with the ServerShop-GUI Plugin for 1.6.4 because I have it installed correctly and everything but I try to do the Item ID in the config for a Gun or any modded item to show up in shop instead of vanilla items and the shop wont even appear. I have a picture of config file if any one could tell me what I should put instead of the item ID that would be great! shop.PNG
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  2. AugustKill

    AugustKill Well-Known Member

    Hadn't you already had this problem solved?
  3. Thomas9078

    Thomas9078 New Member

    Its possible that the plugin you are using only supports vanilla mincraft items, I have had problems like items just not working at all before.
    In other GUI plugins such as ChestCommands (, even though the plugin was coded, supposedly, for 1.9 it did not like to use all 1.9 items such as the elytra and dragons breath.
  4. Affusion

    Affusion Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator

    Locked ~ This is because the Shop plugin used on Crafting Dead servers is custom.

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