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  1. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    NOTE: To staff reading this, please send this out to your fellow staff members and superiors if possible. I'd like for the message to go throughout our community.

    Recently, on the Dead Island Community server I (PhantomLava), and many of my fellow clanmates have been having an issue. I believe that many of my fellow players who are not the best of the best or those looked upon as "assholes" or "niggas".

    We all know that the rules can be very unrestricting when an annoying or simply unethical event occurs in the Crafting Dead. This applies to my situation, as there are approximately 8 homes set in my base, with players who have been harassing I and my clan members, constantly calling us names, and simply murdering us over and over. I've spoken with many Moderators and Managers about this matter and they are simply are not able to do a single thing about it. Furthermore, things like scamming, base homing/camping, and many other unethical and or unfair things happen to our community everyday but there are not rules to forbid this.

    While speaking to these people, it has been implied that they do not like not having these rules either. There was a time when a friend of mine, (lionbos), was scammed out of 37,000 in game dollars, which was reported, and in return the only thing a Manager (Tikachuu) could do was pay the player back to compensate. Simply by this, we can conclude that it is not only effecting our community, but even our beloved Staff Team who come to help us everyday.

    I am proposing not just to normal staff, but even more to the higher ranking staff who could possibly make a change to these rules that should already be in place. While I spoke to a Moderator, (Legion), he informed me that their version of harassment was and I quote, "Harassment defined is 'aggressive pressure or intimidation' unfortunately we do not count this term as playing the game and using perks that have been received with ranks. We see this as playing the game, where the primary objective is to kill one another. You are referring to a scenario where many players are batting in a all out war like some modern day first person and third person shooters." -Legion. I myself believe this is incorrect. My situation does not refer to any of the following terms mentioned and is more of a cheating scenario. These players have been coming to our base fully armed and telling us, "Come out and play bb", and mentioning other inappropriate slurs, which obviously lead to harassment and or already are harassment. I am sure everyone is aware that this is not fair to any of us, just as the other following topics mentioned about above and is frowned upon by almost every single one of us, except the people who are inflicting this on the community. Following this, if you are using perks giving through donating, they should not be abused. Today, if you haven't noticed, there has been an added tpa timer and home timer. This is due to the issue that I have mentioned throughout this forum and goes to show that this is becoming an immense issue. For the staff that think this is okay, if you think that this isn't enough to implement a new rule, then I am unsure what it will take to convince you. What I think is that, the some or all of the following rules, should be added to our community as soon as possible to help/make the community more stable, and to make the game more fair for everyone. These would also allow staff to have an easier job and control these people faster than before.

    The last issue I have to bring up with the Staff Team is shop camping. Builders of the Crafting Dead place safe zones around a certain area and allow so that no players are able to be terminated on said place. If another player is coming out of the woods or attempting to leave the shop, how can you allow for such an onslaught to go on? It is completely unfair due to the fact that they have no means of defending themselves. If such unfair things like this go on, why even bother to play the game?

    No scamming
    No raiding (Constantly attacking player bases and doing what I've mentioned above)
    Harassment (In the sense that constantly attacking/setting homes in another base is prevented, along with not allowing these slurs and abusive terms listed above)
    No shop camping

    In conclusion, these rules would be a great and new effective way for us to improve the community. Apart form the people who take part in these events, this would make many players more happy playing the game than before and allow more "fun" and excitement to go on. If it has not been clear to you, this would not mean that camping outside of a base isn't okay, it would only prohibit the use of home in someone else's base to constantly attack them. Overall, one player should be able to justify if another player has a bad or good game experience.

    Thank you for reading my message.

    PhantomLava or CodeOrange
  2. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Hello, I have conversed to you over this issue. You are not speaking out to the community but your own personal issues. For example your version of harassment is used for players killing players. As in your eyes its harassment to kill another player in a game that is based on pvp. You want these changes for your own personal benefit. Also base raiding is allowes becuase you cannot trust everyone. Its your fault if you trust someone and you get raided. Its not staffs issue, its yours and you only have yourself to blame. Scamming is allowed as yet again its not our failt you think everyone will play nice. You should learn that many people will scam if they smell money. You are the one that desided to trade with another and you should know better then to trust some people. This is a game about killing others. Its ment for players killing players and the zombies being a large obstacle. Another thing shop camping, its up to you to get inside shop wothout dieing. Its all out war outside shop and you need to understand that. We are not responsible to hold your hand and tell you everything will be all right. Lastly harassment, your using it in a way to say that players should not be able to use perks supplied with ranks to gain kills and play the game. You are saying its a harassment if anyone gets inside a base and plays the game how it was made, Player vs player. Players will betray others, they will raid others and get raided in return if they are not careful. Just like yourself, you let basicaly everyone in and always point fingers at someone else when all hits the fan. You don't want to belive that players are capable of backstabbing and betraying you. This post shows that you are very much self centered and wish these for your benifit. You don't like the fact you are losing at a game and that people are just using the resources given and are succeeding. You litterly call everyone a hacker that gets inside your base without thinking that people will backstab you for a profit. You are making this so you can call staff to hold your hand. All you do is complain, compain and complain some more. These changes would destroy CD and its play style just so you can have it your way.

    Also your story with tikachuu, she did that becuase she is a nice person. She did not need to give any sort of compensation out. It was his fault he got scammed and he should have known better.

    From a player that is done with your disrespect, Legion
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  3. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    I had nothing to do with trusting him and this has nothing to do with "pvp" in general. It is a sub unit if it, but not that at all. I have encountered this over and over in my own base which I can not even stay in for a moment of peace. I come back get killed over and over and can not even enjoy the game. This is for my personal benefit, but as well as for every other player in this game. You and I both know that people who aren't "big and bad" like BigBum99 get tortured everyday in our bases, with scamming, or other such things and nothing is done.

    If you were a player like I without admin commands, you would know that it's annoying to get on everyday and have to defend your own base with not a single restriction to the people harassing you at all. I am stating that when I get in my game, I get harassed, meaning that someone dies and just tp's back and there's no end to the problem. Typically, you kill the player and then they actually come back to get you. This is almost as if the player is using /back and just killing us again. We can't solve the issue. I am not saying everyone is a hacker, but I recently stated this to you because of the random people coming from one place to another. Jet, for example, went from the top floor to the bottom. If they were using those doors to get in, OBVIOUSLY, we would've seen them because everyone was upstairs fighting.

    Lastly, I am not only mad because I'm losing, I'm mad because these things are so uncontrolled and there's no way to stop them. If someone keeps tping back to you, how do you stop them? The answer is, YOU CAN'T. This is becoming a noticeable issue as well, due to the fact that they just made a timer on the tping and /home because of how abused it's becoming. What do you mean, "it's style". If they were to change, the game would actually be playable and more enjoyable for many players. Tika has had to deal with this player many times and its never stopped. He continues to disrespect you and I and you are aware of it. In fact, in a photo a showed you via Discord, BigBum99 was telling me to kill myself. Do you find this acceptable? I'm not being rude, I'm very angered by how unfair these types of things are and many others are likely with me.
  4. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    I have also posted in my post that many others are having the same issue server wide.. You know I am not the only one having this problem. You also have Digo for example complaining about the base raid like I was talking about.
  5. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Member

    Orange I do in fact believe you. And here's one thing a game is meant to be fun, am I wrong? (This is not a question directed towards you CodeOrange) but I feel like the realism of the game is taken a bit too far. Yes, the game is a survival game and yes it needs to be realistic but ever heard the fraise too much of anything is not good. Scamming takes place in players that do not really know what's going on and doing this ruins their experience, thus resulting in them leaving and them ultimately making the player base decrease. I feel like you should start taking his words into heart and then thinking about it. When I was a staff I felt horrible when I said: "It's your fault that you were scammed and I cannot give out compensation". It definitely ruins players experience. Humans are known for making mistakes and you cannot blame them and hold them to it, I'm blabbing on about this but I do suggest actually listening to your community this time.

    The only thing I disagree on is base raiding, yes it's a part of PVP and I do know that you have done it and if not you will do it. But I do believe it has to be nerfed and I think it's already trying to be put into action which is setting homes in someone's base vicinity.
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  6. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Well good for you. If you look at the information tab it is becoming more probable that, people can't set homes in your base now. But they can raid it now. So fair is fair when this change happens.
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  7. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    So, I of course when I stated "Base Raiding". I did not mean people should not be able to take items from your base. If you choose to give people access to your base, that is set and stone, unlike scamming and such. I meant that people should not be able to set homes, as I stated.

    Thank you.
  8. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Now looking at the information tab, it looks like that many people want a way to take items from your base without trust. This will be called base raiding and from the looks major clan conflicts will form. This is not set and done or confirmed but base raiding will mostlikly be a thing now. Good luck
  9. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    Aye, will they still need permissions to use our doors?
  10. iNovaa

    iNovaa Leadership Team Staff Member Leadership Team

    Hi, in relation to the quote on quote 'Harassment' we are looking to do something about people setting homes in other people's bases as you may be aware of via the polls in our Discord currently. As a rule, we define harassment as verbal (chat) threats which are intimidating or derogatory, credible or not staff members will take action. If you do however experience racist or derogatory language as you mentioned at the start of the thread, please report it with evidence and we will punish the users in question. Whenever I am on the servers personally I look to give punishments to people who are being mean to and harassing others as well as people who troll unnecessarily in chat.

    What you are experiencing is indeed players playing the game and is not 'Harassment' by definition however I do agree that sometimes it does go a little too far and hence why we are looking to implement a new system that stops users from setting home within a base unless they are added to it, depending on the result of the poll which is looking like a resounding yes vote in favour of this system, however in the meantime whilst this system is engineered rules will not change.

    In regards to shop camping, this is realistic and one of the more feasible realistic aspects of Crafting Dead as, hypothetically, if there was an apocalypse and there was a defined safe zone and you chose to leave it, people may be particularly mean and camp for their personal benefit to get more loot, this is also the same for scamming and base raiding, the apocalypse is not a friendly place. This is where I will emphasise that you can /rspawn from shop to avoid camping. In addition, this is how our modpack works and unfortunately we cannot please everyone however we try to please the majority, hence why we take certain aspects of player feedback and create polls to find out if other users want change or they want a system to stay as it is.

    TL;DR: We are looking to make some aspects of the gameplay more fair however some of these things are core things that everyone does within the pack and removing these would remove a significant chunk of the gameplay experience.
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  11. BigBum9999

    BigBum9999 New Member

    Hes just too bad and mad to handle his own situation of me getting in his base due to his own stupidity and his noob clanmates LOL.
  12. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    In fact this player has told me in chat constantly to "kys" or kill myself. Theoretically with scamming, in a real apocalypse, you'd be able to shoot them and take the money back, but your point is taken.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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  13. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    Even out of the game, this still continues to happen.

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  14. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member


    More big.JPG


    proof #5.JPG

    Proof #6.JPG

    Proof #7.JPG
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  15. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Member

    You need to do a /realname on the person with a nick. If not then the staff will not know who to punish and it can be used to impersonate others.

    Also like I said before I think the realism effect towards the game is taken way to far.
  16. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Yep, I need ./realname
  17. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    I will be denying all of these becuase from the lack of ./realname
  18. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    With all due respect, it's obviously him...otherwise Legion would've warned the user because he's in-game/on-console.
  19. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    Here, it's the same name... name.JPG
  20. iNovaa

    iNovaa Leadership Team Staff Member Leadership Team

    @LegionPlays ^^^^^^

    As a final word just as something that I came across whilst reading further replies, anything that is said outside of our services, (Our Discord server, forums and in-game servers) such as Discord PMs, does not warrant a punishment neither in game nor Discord.

    This thread will now be locked. Any further player reports should be posted with a /realname and evidence of the offense.

    Thank you.
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