Rifle Shield

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  1. MCSGaming

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    Asset Name: Rifle Shield

    Asset Type: Model


    Item Texture: InGameTexture.png

    TCN & Everything Else: At Bottom

    Concept Images ingame:


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  2. Syncoman

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    That looks pretty cool!
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  3. MCSGaming

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  4. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    Looks amazing! Where would this go on the attachment menu? Like would it go on the suppressor area? Sight area? And if it goes on the sight area/the suppressor area will you be able to put on a suppressor/sight with them both on? (Grip aswell)
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  5. AAG_Victorious

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    looks pretty good!
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  6. MCSGaming

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    I didn't really think about that. I would say that it still allows everything else(Sight, barrel and grip) and maybe even has its own area, E.G.

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  7. Lewis

    Lewis Development Manager Staff Member Leadership Team

    The idea itself is pretty good. Not sure what I can do with entity collisions in terms of guns though
  8. Syncoman

    Syncoman Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    Looks kind of weird adding it in the corner, maybe you could make it like this...

    ----SLOT4 SLOT5----
  9. Jackson

    Jackson Famous Member

    It's a good idea and I like the concept, but I think it's pretty useless. The only way it would shield you is if the player is aiming directly at you and you try to shoot their head. I do know that situations like this are pretty common, but the chance that you are to aim directly at them would seem op, and then all they had to do is shoot the body. My opinion.
  10. iMkp

    iMkp Member

    Looks like you've been playing some Siege. ;)

    Overall, would be cool to see this in the game.
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  11. AnarchicMeme

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    That would be a pretty nice necropost.
  12. Jackson

    Jackson Famous Member

    Hello, please do not necropost. Thank you!

  13. Blaze7381

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    Still, think you’re a Sr mod eh? XD I wish you were...

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