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Discussion in 'Development Asset Submission' started by Nanta18, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Nanta18

    Nanta18 Member

    Ill post here all new guns of this collection but I dont have tcn files for rest of those I want to make.

    Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_5.png
    Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_6.png
    FN FAL Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_7.png

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  2. Firehoax

    Firehoax Member

    That looks sick, but It only has little blotches of red to fill in the empty space.

    Good work! 4/5
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  3. LPops

    LPops Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    This is amazingggggg! I would use this so much!!!!
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  4. Nanta18

    Nanta18 Member

    Thank you :)
  5. Piggie

    Piggie Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    I love it :) well done Nanta
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  6. Tanky

    Tanky Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    Great job!
    I hope to see this collection in the game. I would definitely use these.
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  7. Nanta18

    Nanta18 Member

    Thanks Piggie
  8. Nanta18

    Nanta18 Member

    Thanks :) would make more if I just had tcn files :/
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  9. Jackson

    Jackson Famous Member

    It looks really nice, the only thing I can suggest is shading the red spots with the grey a bit more. It's kinda hard on the eyes when there's a bright red stripes and then it goes directly to grey. Maybe try to find a lighter grey so it can blend a bit more. Other than that looks great!
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  10. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Developer Staff Member Development Team

    Tya, I know exactly how you feel, detailed texturing is much easier [and far more effective] with the .tcn files. I suppose you could use the remaining .tcn files from CC that work with CD [M1911, P250, G18, Deagle] although the these skins would probably look weird and out of place on pistols. I guess you could try and get some more Techne files from Lewis although I'm not too sure how successful that would be.
    I like them, all three but the red is really intense. Perhaps you could make an item texture and one for the AK-47 [if you had the .tcn :/]? I think that would quite nice.

    I rate eight out of eight, mate.
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  11. Nanta18

    Nanta18 Member

    I think thise theme wouldn't work with pistols but I have plans for making collection of pistol skins (ones I have tcn file for). Lewis said he could send me more tcn files but never did. I think itwould be cool to make this skin for ak and scar.
    I can have a look at red you weren't only one saying about that so it propably needs some work I havent really made skins like this after my first skins (on CC forums) others are really different theme.
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  12. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Developer Staff Member Development Team

    I think the AK-47 would look quite nice with a radiation skin. I could talk to Lewis about him giving you access to it or I could ask him if I could send it to you over discord.
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