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  1. FunDucky67

    FunDucky67 New Member

    Your IGN: FunyDucky

    A brief description of why you were banned: Hello, I was banned for threating someone

    Why should we unban you?: yes, I admit I did threat someone. their base got deleted and I guess I was blamed for it. I saw that his base got deleted and I wanted to take the blame for it to make him mad but guys tbh I have nothing to do with the base deleting. this is all a big miss understanding I don't even know how to hack into accounts you can check my IP and know that I never even logged into his account I'm really asking for you guys to be unbanned me. I really enjoy my time on CD.
  2. Destroyer5266

    Destroyer5266 Admin Staff Member Community Manager


    I will be accepting your ban appeal. Just please keep in mind we do not take jokes relating to hacking in any way shape or form. We also have zero tolerance for people threatening other players within out community. You will be unbanned within the coming day.

    CD Management team
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