Solved Player Trying To Get Me Reported.

Discussion in 'Completed Player Reports' started by Andrew Devine, Mar 6, 2018.

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  1. Andrew Devine

    Andrew Devine New Member

    Your In Game Name: AndrewDevine (Nickname: BiteMe)
    In game name of the rule breaker: kannare
    Server this occurred on: Charland
    EU/US: EU
    What did they do?: The player messaged me asking me to message another player saying 'gros connard' which when i typed into google its french for 'fat bastard' therefore i believe he was trying to get the other player to report me. He then went on to calling the other player a 'retard'.

    2018-03-06_21.04.13.png 2018-03-06_21.03.36.png
  2. iNovaa

    iNovaa Community Relations Manager Staff Member Administration Team

    Hello, I will deal with this user now. Thank you for the report.
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