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    Player Report Format

    If you found someone breaking the rules in-game this is the place to report them. Please be sure you use the format when reporting them. Note, reports on here can pertain to anything on our network. This includes the forums, and in-game. Please make sure you post valid evidence and read everything before posting!

    - If you do not follow our format, your report will be denied.
    - Please be sure you follow our format so we can properly and quickly deal with your report.
    - Player reports take anywhere from 1-24hours to deal with.
    Usually if you catch a moderator at a good time they can deal with it right away.

    That being said let's note some things!
    - Lieing in a player report will get you banned.
    - Not allowing us to see your IGN in the right hand corner may result in a deny of the report.
    - Framing other players is an instant global ban do not do it!
    - We only accept video proof of someone hacking or xraying
    - Screenshots ARE allowed for chat offenses however if you are caught framing someone it will be double the punishment towards you! Depending on how bad you frame someone it may cost you permanently denial to join our network.

    Format Below (Copy & Paste);

    Your In Game Name:
    In game name of the rule breaker:
    Server this occurred on:
    What did they do?:


    Make sure you do /realname!
    Let's say someone's nickname is ZappySucks you would do /realname ZappySucks, and it would say ZappySucks is zappy2978
    ***Include this in your screenshot!
    Why was my report denied?

    Here are a list of reasons your report was most likely denied;

    - You didn't show proof you got the screenshot or you collected the evidence. This may means your IGN wasn't showing in the top right hand corner of your screenshot/video.
    - You didn't follow the format.
    - You were caught framing someone or lieing
    - You attempted to get someone punished twice by using the same evidence twice in a report
    - Your evidence of the offense didn't show /realname or you didn't provide sufficient proof of the offense

    If you would like to report a staff member, please make sure to report them in the "Staff Report" section and not here.

    - Thank you,
    The Crafting Dead Staff Team!
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