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    Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member on the CD network!

    When filling out the application, please be mindful of your tone. We will not accept someone who demonstrates a lack of maturity while filling the form out. Make sure to have proper grammar and capitalization. Low effort applications will be instantly rejected and deleted. Submitting a sub-par application will not only embarrass yourself, but will also block you from submitting any further applications. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance, your activity on the Crafting Dead will also be scrutinized. Your information will be shared with the administration team, it will not be shared with third parties.

    NOTE: Any false info/incompleteness will be cause for rejection!

    * In game minecraft name(s) :

    * Age. (Note: You must be 14 or over to apply) :

    * What is your timezone/country? :

    * Do you have a working microphone? :

    * Do you have Discord? If so please list your Discord name with number discriminator. (eg, Zand#0001) :

    * Are you bilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages, and not just one) :

    * When did you join Crafting Dead? ( m/dd/yyyy )

    Base Questions. Answer the following questions about you truthfully. Any false info/incompleteness will be cause for rejection!
    NOTE: Your responses should be DETAILED, any laziness will also be cause for rejection.

    * Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so, please describe it below. :
    If you are a moderator on other server(s), then you must provide invite links as proof.

    * Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? :

    * Tell us what you think makes a good role model on the Crafting Dead Network. :
    Please give 2 - 3 examples!

    * How much time do you have to contribute to the role? When did you begin playing? :

    * In detail tell us why you should be chosen over other applicants who are asking for the same role? :

    * Give us a few reasons why we should bring you on as staff member, what makes you better than others? :

    * Which server are you most active on within the Crafting Dead community servers? :

    * What are your top three weaknesses? (Nothing is not an answer). :

    * Any questions or concerns? :

    Interview Process: Once you've gotten a message from one of the staff managers via Discord DMs or in-game, you'll be moving on to our interview process. There you will be asked scenario questions that you may experience while being a moderator on CD. Please note that this process will NOT confirm you as a moderator, but on the final stage of becoming moderator.

    End of Application
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