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Discussion in 'Mod Suggestions' started by destrotroop, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    It would be really cool, if there was another gun, similar to the Minigun. I think of them as the rarest guns ingame. The Railgun would spawn ONLY in Military Supply Drops, with a 1% chance. Ammo for it would spawn in the same drop, but would have a 4% chance of dropping.

    Damage: 40
    Headshot Damage: 48
    Rate of Fire: 10
    Recoil: 12
    Accuracy: 0.001 (same scale as in game)
    Ammo: Tungsten Bolts (2 rounds)
    Armor Penetration: 40%

    Before y'all start complaining about how hard this would be to code...just don't. Take a bow. Remove the arrow drop. Rename the arrow item, and replace the entity model with a custom. Then increase arrow damage, and change bow model. Tada!

    Anyways, before shooting, the Railgun would need to charge up for 3 whole seconds. While charging, the player is slowed by 80%. If it is fired without a full charge, the shot will still be spent, but will be wasted. It cannot take any attachments, but has an integrated 10x scope. The rounds also do not fly like bullets, you can see them in air and they fly somewhat slower. After firing, the gun will recoil, and exit you out of scoping (if you were using the scope).

    No, this is not OP. In fact, most people would have a hard time using it. Very expensive ammo punishes missed shots terribly, along with only 2 shots in a magazine. The sound when charging can warn people of the Railgun's presence if they are close. Not only that, but the projectiles don't fly instantly, giving people reaction time if they are lucky.

    Not exactly 100% complete, but aye.


    The best part is, more little kids will steal their parent's credit cards to buy supply drops in order to get the Railgun! Maybe you can even make the drops 20% off! More profits for you, greedy corporation! :3
  2. Nathaniel

    Nathaniel Member

    cool idea but the damage should be reduced
    Should be added.
  3. Morgethi_

    Morgethi_ Active Member

    The whole point of a railgun is that its flinging metal really REALLY fast, so you shouldn't be able to see the projectile. Although, I'm not here to start getting into realistics, other than that, this would be pretty cool :p
  4. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Heheh, sure why not. How about, instead of going slowly, it leaves a trail of superheated air, that gives your location away. So it's not OP.
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  5. Marathons

    Marathons Well-Known Member

    This would be pretty cool, if it was in the shop, how much would the standard round go for?
  6. WillS1888

    WillS1888 Well-Known Member

    Um, you do realize that a rail gun is a turret on military boats used to shoot down missles right?
  7. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    A railgun is any weapon that fires a slug or projectile very fast. It just happens that modern day Railguns are on ships.
  8. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Well, in my opinion, it shouldn't be in the shop. But if it were, maybe $10,000 a magazine? XD
  9. WillS1888

    WillS1888 Well-Known Member

    Well that's what I mean. This isn't really modern day. Also, a rail gun doesn't just shoot a projectile very fast. It also uses electromagnetics to speed up the projectile to the point of where a single shot could blow up half a school in a fraction of a second. I like the idea, but making the balanced and yet still realistic would be hard. Not to mention that things like this don't even exsist in our current time (handheld rail guns I means, there are turret rail guns just not handheld rail guns).
  10. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    Like the idea, seems like an interesting weapon, it would clearly need to be more on the rare side however, since it's so overpowered.
  11. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Teleportation doesn't exist either :eek:
    It's pretty fair. A M107 has 10 shots, and 2 hits people with headshots anyways. The Railgun would have 2 shots, and needs a charge up, along with extreme aim.
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  12. WillS1888

    WillS1888 Well-Known Member

    /home is part of essentials so it's not part of the mod which makes your excuse kind of irrelevant.

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