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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Blaze7381, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    I've brainstormed some kits and I want people's opinions on them. I'd like them to be added to the game, if they are viable and balanced enough.

    Kit: Firefighter
    (Main purpose for this kit is an easy way to gather wood and get some armor and a melee to start out with)

    Firemans Ax

    Firefighter Armor

    Makeshift Splint (Firefighters sometimes go up to high places, easy excuse to add a splint xD)

    Remington ACR with 1 mag of ammo (so the kit isn't totally unwantable)

    Two water bottles

    Assorted canned foods (since firefighters have to be on the go, they have to have easy meals)

    Kit: Hoarder
    (Storage space if a pro player needs an extra backpack and vest)

    One black backpack

    One black tactical vest

    Ninja armor (bit of incentive if noobies can't find armor)

    Steel bat

    Magnum with 1 clip of ammo

    F3rullo Flakes

    Emerald Bytes

    And the normal cereal

    RBI Cure (hoarders always have random stuff)

    Flask of water

    Kit: Homeowner (this one should be relatively cheap)

    A Orange

    A trench gun with one magazine of regular rounds

    2 water bottles

    Smart clothing

    Blue hardhat

    Makeshift splint

    Please give me your honest opinions! Thank you!
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  2. xhypurr

    xhypurr Member

    Yes, because every homeowner owns a trench gun.

    M9? P250?
  3. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    I mean, there is no such thing as a sawed off shotgun in the game, otherwise, I'd do that.
  4. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    Could be cool but we just released some brand new kits a few days ago.
  5. Every home owner needs a trench gun.
    Even grand ma's can own one lol
  6. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    From people that I know, some of them own a shotgun, either a sawed off or a 12 gage (if that's how you spell "gage")
  7. xhypurr

    xhypurr Member

    It's much more likely they own a handgun, though.

    also it's gauge xd
  8. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    Ty, it's just, there is no current kit that gives a shotgun (to my knowledge) that's on the store
  9. xhypurr

    xhypurr Member

    Maybe add a Breacher kit and add the other one?

    I dunno.
  10. joseph6582 - Forum

    joseph6582 - Forum Active Member

    Love the ideas! +1

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