Napalm Strikes!!!

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  1. Boneskel

    Boneskel Member

    At First, you may think this sounds Dumb But I have an idea...

    ok so it's like a drop but it say's

    Napalm Strike coming in at X: Z: in 30 seconds!

    Then a model of a jet swoops by and drops a napalm...

    IT Doesn't even need to be a napalm it could be just a carpet bombing strike if you really want it to

    Back story: Anti-Zombie runs are happening all over the world basically the army is using scorched earth tactics....

  2. CookieKillerzz

    CookieKillerzz Active Member

  3. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    I like the idea.

    It'd be fun in a middle of a war then a bombing comes down to kill zombies
  4. FiveSevenIsKey

    FiveSevenIsKey Famous Member

    Maybe make it similar to h1z1 and have this happen on top of supply drops right as they land?
  5. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    I think they happen at a random time.

    But it should just be a regular boming.
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  6. Polarbeargoes

    Polarbeargoes Active Member

    And then you know what's gonna happen? New rank! $300 rank called general and you will be able to call bombs and supply drops because F3 NEEDS MORE MONEY!
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  7. FiveSevenIsKey

    FiveSevenIsKey Famous Member

    Yeah, the last thing we need is more ranks.

    If this does become a thing, though, there might be a thing you can buy where you can call in an airstrike on certain coordinates. Like the supply drop thing you can buy.
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  8. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    I like the idea but I feel like it would be cooler if they added it as like a C4 detonator and you called it in on a walkie talkie or something
  9. Boneskel

    Boneskel Member

    Yeah, but if they added it kids would be like "It's too OP :("
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  10. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    Yeah but like make it cost mula or Make it only avalible in supply drop like the Minigun
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  11. Nathaniel

    Nathaniel Member

    +rep best idead
  12. Tony1

    Tony1 Well-Known Member

    I can go along with this, just a massive firefight going on, then a message pops up in the chat saying that a napalm strike is going to your spot so you run away with some friends and some enemies, you make it in, but everyone else behind you dies, you get the loot, then get out.
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  13. AugustKill

    AugustKill Well-Known Member

    Minigun stuff is also find-able in military loot btw
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  14. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    Minigun ammo is Not the minigun itself
  15. AlexzTMM

    AlexzTMM Well-Known Member

    This idea is boring. I don't wanna collect stuff, I just want to do /kit
  16. Boneskel

    Boneskel Member

    The Fuck are you talking about?
    It say's nothing about looting?
  17. Boneskel

    Boneskel Member

    It costs a lot of money to run all the servers..
  18. Polarbeargoes

    Polarbeargoes Active Member

    Oh ya, it takes a lot of money to run the servers? That's why F3 bought a Ferrari?
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  19. Boneskel

    Boneskel Member


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  20. Zapholt

    Zapholt Active Member

    How is any of this based on facts?

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