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Discussion in 'Denied Staff Applications' started by dragon emperor, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. dragon emperor

    dragon emperor New Member

    What is your first name?
    Jaymee but people call me Jay

    What is your Discord username?

    What is your in-game username?
    dragonemperor571 and my /nickname is buteidragon

    Currently, how old are you?
    i'm 18 years old

    How long have you been playing Crafting Dead Mod?
    I have been playing for 2 years. I love the server so much I have made lots of friends on it and i'm well known on the server for helping player out with little things like helping them make a base.

    What has motivated you to apply for this position?
    Well when i'm on there is never a mod on and people ask me for help and i say I cant because i'm not a mod so I say you have to go to discord or go on the crafting dead forum and ask for a mod to come on and they will come on and they will help u. But I want to be a mod to stop all the hacker/glitches because it not fair for players to be killed by a hacker who using x-ray/fly/aimbot and getting into player base and looting it it just so wrong and the player should feel safe and want to play all the time and have more fun on it.

    Why should we choose you over others who apply for the same position?
    Because im willing to work really hard to get all hackers and more, all i want is crafting dead to be a really good server with out hackers and that’s because it just ruins the players experience the server should be all about fun and teaming and making new friends and making a cool base

    Do you have any experience at community management or similar roles?
    Well I just want to help out and make it a better server with out hackers and that is wrong for a hacker to get on and kill people with flying and that.

    Have you ever been punished on the network?
    No never im nice to everyone and help out player a lot.

    Tell us something about you! Any additional details can be written down here. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? Let us know!
    well i want to be a butler, so at this time im doing a lot to get it so 2 years ago i would look after my mum but at the time i did not know she was dying but i would cook and Clean for a lot. All I want is to make her happy and proud.
  2. RarestPepe

    RarestPepe Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team Mod Of The Month

    Theres an edit button on your post...
  3. dragon emperor

    dragon emperor New Member

  4. dragon emperor

    dragon emperor New Member

    I guess I got 2 I only want to be a mod to help out and stop the hacker there been a lot of hacker on
  5. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    You can edit you know? This is your 3rd app in the past week
  6. dragon emperor

    dragon emperor New Member

    Just show u I really want to be a mod
  7. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    I still have to say -1 because everything in this situation about you making 3 apps in 1 week just to fix something shows me and probably everyone else that you have no idea how to go around the forums and I think that if you’re a mod you need to know at least a little how to do stuff on the forums.
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  8. dragon emperor

    dragon emperor New Member

    i do know forums i just had things to do at the time
  9. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member
    you admitted you did NOT know how to edit which means the point of @Inhumansalmon still stands.
  10. Affusion

    Affusion Staff Manager Staff Member Leadership Team

    Please avoid creating arguments on other people's applications. Thanks.
  11. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

    it will only be an argument when the person I was talking to actually starts a fight and with that fight you can easily see if a person is worthy ;)

    I'll try to formulate my criticism differently next time to avoid creating an argument.
  12. Tanky

    Tanky Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    Becoming a staff member will not only mean you banning that hacker, you will stop many more if you put the effort into it.
    Please add some more detail to it. Imagine this as like applying to a college. It's hard to get in and don't expect them to just let you in for just one class, you will take all of them. In this case, you are stepping up to more than just catching one little hacker.

    I want to see you really try man! As other have said that this is your 3rd app this week, let this or the next one be your last.
    Edit it and add some detail and depth into your application. Also make your answer's a different color

    Good Luck!

    TANKY OUT!!!
  13. dragon emperor

    dragon emperor New Member

  14. Syncoman

    Syncoman Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    You should add way more detail -1
  15. Toyhat

    Toyhat Support Manager Staff Member Administration Team

    Thanks for making this application dragon emperor, however your application has been denied. You can re-apply next time the applications are open.
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