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    Most of you may know me, I’m coolhunter17, very known from Officials, to Seaport. I am one of the oldest players of CD. I started when it was a server on regular Minecraft using plugins. Ah those were the days.. then it became a modpack, and the first few months were cool, guns weren’t really developed with detail yet, smooth as hell, but soon after Cure came. I bought mercenary rank at this time. But sadly, aftermath come and just killed the game. By now, I am a Lost Soul and the game is dead. Which is what I expected last year. I knew it was happening, so I just stopped playing as much. For 4 years, Atlanta 1 US was my map. This was the map I always played. I tried other servers, but Atlanta was my home, best map ever. I was on Seaport for a year, did quite a bit on there, featured on some big YouTube channels, Made a roleplay on my friend Drod708’s channel, and got like 80k views on the first vid, and have been a super active community member on my 2 different accounts... all in all, I had done a lot, but sadly, it’s time to move on.

    I’ll miss all of you, who I know

    Arch(Josh) I always hated you and pug, but you were chill I guess..

    Pops, Grim, you were cool.

    Ldrago145(KingDrago), MrGamer808, Shortstoppunk, BURNER71X, Corgi, and like 50 more close friends I’ve met on the game, I’ll always remember you guys. Some of you I haven’t talked to in years, but I hope we talk again.

    That’s about it, from one of the oldest members, I wish you all good luck, in this world, and if anyone wants to they can add my discord: Coolhunter17#1578.

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    wtf I was included in this
  3. Jason

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    You were indeed
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    Yoyooyo what's ur youtube channel
  5. Jason

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    I no longer have a channel as of a year ago.
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