Solved Mute on Dead Island

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by toddu, Dec 1, 2018.

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  1. toddu

    toddu New Member

    Your IGN: AnotherToddu

    Brief description of why you were muted: This person on Dead Island nicknamed Pika (or MrDudu2) said something in shout about (do not click please) and as a joke i msg'd him (because i've known him for like 2 years), "Go on{{do not click}} and it gives you free YouTube Red" then he said in chat "wtf AnotherToddu" "Legion did you see that" then Legion muted me for 2 weeks for "advertising"? Shouldn't Pika have been muted as well for doing it in shout, which is much more worse than msg?

    Why should we unmute you?: The mute is pretty annoying because I do not see how it was really advertising, but I just want to know why Pika didn't get muted but I did. Is it because I do not have a rank?
    Sorry for the link, the images were above 1 mb.
  2. Zandnstorm

    Zandnstorm Community Manager Staff Member Community Manager

    Hello, after reviewing the logs of MrDudu2 I did find him to be guilty of the same thing. Sadly you will have to wait out your two weeks mutes, as it is a clear violation. However MrDudu2 will also be muted. Please do not mute evade, because that will translate into a two week ban!

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