Fixed Mute-Appeal #3

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by NoHacksJustDie, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. NoHacksJustDie

    NoHacksJustDie New Member

    Username- Gennyfan21
    Server punished on-Dead Island
    Punishment given- Perm Mute
    Reason for Punishment- I was being extremely toxic,swearing, and being disrespectful after being warned and muted multiple times.
    Staff member punished by-Schnozmo,Dest,Max,+2 others
    Reason punishments should be resolved- I think it should be resolved because I have waited awhile and regretted everything causing my mute it was a fair mute and I shall not be toxic,swear or be disrespectful towards staff or players if i'm unmuted. I have learned my lesson over the weeks and will try never to be toxic again. I am Sorry
  2. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Senior Staff Staff Member Senior Team

    Denied, you have been bypassing your mute multiple times within the past few days. You have also asked staff to ban you as well and this does now show you have become a better person.
    You may make another appeal in 2 weeks.

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