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  1. Allensfish

    Allensfish Active Member

    Hello. Everyone here knows the normal mine craft music is.. well pretty much garbage, unless your into old bland music.

    So I was thinking that maybe the devs or maybe even the community could make a music pack for CD.

    ( This is not music discs. This is the music option for game music. )

    Ex - ( Pixelmon has their own custom music and everyone loves it ) So why not make Cd amazing music as well?

    Though there would be some rules.

    1. Make sure its Crafting Dead themed.
    2. No copyrighted music.
    3. Must be appropriate for all ages.

    ( How can this work? Well a Music thread can be made and there can be a format made as well for people to follow and submit music. Then maybe the music can be added to CD! :D. )

    Hope you all enjoy. Comment below!
  2. LPops

    LPops Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    I think this would be way better music
  3. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    Yeah I really like the pixelmon music if someone can find perfect music for CD that would be awesome.
  4. Matrixiz

    Matrixiz Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    That would be so cool! I would love listen to epic music while fighting zombies/players! :D
  5. I would like them to bring back the Crafting Dead theme (Made by TrueMu) being played on the Main menu
  6. Allensfish

    Allensfish Active Member

    Good. Nice ideas. Talk more and post music and ideas. :D this would be amazing. Just keep to the rules.
  7. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    Seems pretty cool.
  8. Jackson

    Jackson Famous Member

    I like the idea

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