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  1. Hoffbot

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    Your In Game Name:Hoffbot
    In game name of the rule breaker:personating
    Server this occurred on:Dead ilands
    What did they do?:Some one inpersonated Mrdudu2
    These two links are the links above that i contacted him in genral he said he didint do it and he got inpersonated and all .
    Know heres some proof:
    This was him the link above this text
    This link under this text is not him
    Even text him im sure you denied his other proof but if you really want to find more out talk to him his donated over 800 dollars and i think you should take the case a little bit more seriously.
    proof that his already appealed
    Im not trying to say that you guys are rong that his is the person that did it actully but heres some evidence that should help.Ive played with him to on servers you can even ask him.This is what i got from him anyway.
  2. _LostSkillz_

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    After reviewing your report there's no evidence that someone impersonating, not only that but if you can make the IGN more clear (It's making an emoji because you didn't space out the : with the P, therefore, making :p ) yes you did provide one screenshot with realname claiming that is indeed him which it is by the screenshot. However, the second screenshot that you claim is the person impersonating there's no realname and because of those two reasons I cannot accept this.

    Also, this seems like a report yet you put it in "Punishment Appeals" This section is for banned players to make an appeal for themselves to have their punishment revoked so this thread will be put in "Player Reports"

    Solved & Locked.
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