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  1. As always, please read my suggestions thoroughly & carefully. I almost always get people throwing up crap at me that was already covered in my post(unless I post this first). Please?

    What this brings/fixes:
    It gives a reason to use the ninja suit.
    The ninja outfit, when wearing the whole suit, should make you, the suit, & if you are wearing a medium grey backpack, invisible. So, normal invisibility potions only work if you take off your armor. The full ninja suit will make you, the suit, & a medium grey backpack invisible(if your wearing it). Now it would not hide items in your hand, excepting katana's & knives. It would NOT hide guns on your back, or melee weapons on your back, unless it is a knife or katana.

    What this brings/fixes:
    The unrealistic attachment system.
    Eventually, the attachment system needs redone. If the gun has enough room on the bottom rail, you should be able to put a grip AND bipod. There should be a stock attachment area on both sides of the gun, receiver attachment area on both sides of the gun, an above grip attachment area, plus the barrel, sight, & paint attachment areas.

    What this brings/fixes:
    Correctly made suppressors DO NOT reduce damage or range & another use for rags.
    A new item:Makeshift suppressors.
    You can craft these by taking any empty bottle & a scrap metal & any 5 rags, bloody, clean or dirty. This suppressor would have the EXACT effect of the current suppressor, but the current suppressor should be buffed to NOT reduce damage dealt.

    What this brings/fixes:
    The suppressors remove slide action & bolt action sounds.
    The AWP when equipped with a suppressor, the bolt action sound magically disappears. The suppressor suppresses the bullet sounds, not the bolt action.
    The Five-seven & Remington ACR when equipped with a suppressor, the slide & bolt slide action sound magically disappears. The suppressor suppresses the bullet sounds, not the slide & bolt slide action.

    What this brings/fixes:
    More shotgun variety.
    SPAS-12. Everyone knows it. The scary one. Holds 7 shots, so it fits right between the trenchgun(6 shells) & the mossberg(8 shells). It is heavy, so it reduces movement speed more than the other shotguns. It can take a grip, & an EOTech. It has blue shells. It has the worst accuracy, & has a special attachment to help with this. The damage is the same as the mossberg though.

    What this brings/fixes:
    Helps with SPAS-12 accuracy, but sacrifices more movement speed.
    This is the SPAS-12's folding buttstock. It goes on in the paint slot on the SPAS-12, because the SPAS-12 can take a grip, EOTech, & another new attachment for shotguns only on the barrel. That leaves only the paint (buttstock area DUHHH) mod area. This gives the SPAS more accuracy, but also more weight, thus less movement speed.

    What this brings/fixes:
    The possibility of the next suggestion.
    The shotgun shells should be individual shells, not mags. Now for simplicity, you would still find them in stacks as the respective gun takes. e.g. trenchgun shells come in stacks of 6, since thats how many you can load into the trenchgun.

    What this brings/fixes:
    More shotgun usefulness.
    A ammo clip. It goes on all shotguns. It goes on the barrel mod area of each shotgun & gives differing extra ammo depending on the gun. It goes on the barrel, but it appears on the receiver of the shotguns.
    The trenchgun gets either 4 or 9 more shells = 10 or 15 shots.
    The SPAZ-12 gets either 3 or 8 more shells = 10 or 15 shots.
    The mossberg gets either 2 or 7 more shells = 10 or 15 shots.
    If it gives the greater amount to ANY shotgun, it gives all shotguns a total of 15 shots or vice versa; if it gives the smaller amount to any shotgun, it gives all shotguns a total of 10 shots.
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    Hey! I really appreciate the time you spent working on this. I can see some of these changes eventually being added into the game at some point. I am going to send a couple of these in the development chat on discord!

    Thanks for playing!


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