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  1. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    Dear Crafting Dead Players.
    As you know There is a Page to vote for what we want added to The Crafting Dead. I have voted on it myself. But I see more for the Crafting Dead past that. 1.) It has been a Question most of us Older players have wondered and is "When will a Way to communicate be added, Such as an In-game Voice Chat or Walkie Talkies" Now I am here for more than that. Now I am talking to those of you who are Interested in something more than the usual Kill, loot and Die. I am also talking to all of you Walking Dead fans too.

    As I stated up above The Crafting Dead has just become something that is repeated and is Being Undone by Vanilla servers Such as TheMiningDead. But here is one thing all of these servers are missing. A Realistic Zombie Experience. I mean sure It is fun to see what you can accomplish but this would be great for RolePlayers and people looking for something new on The Crafting Dead.

    Imagine you spawn into The Crafting Dead to see the Metropolis of a City but the City has been over run. Cars are Piled up on the Road and Helicopters and Planes have crashes. It is the Apocolypse. You notice something different as well. The loot doesn't Regen when you take it Meaning that all the food you get will be needed to get you somewhere. You are walking down the Sidewalks and there is a Horde of Zombies coming for you. you break the window for the shop next to you and get into it. But little do you know you just broke into one of the few Gun Shops.

    Now of course with there being a Map that is breakable there are a Few things.
    1.) There will need to be cars and Limited fuel.
    2.) You can base wherever as other players run around and try to survive.
    3.) You risk your Base looted by other Players.

    Those are some of the Negatives about this But what about this. Now if you add in Cars, Furniture, gas, and a Breakable map you get something no other server has Managed in Minecraft to this date. It would be the first Realistic Zombie Survival in Minecraft and maybe in all games. Now the reason I brought up Voice and Radios is Simple.

    You Break into a House to see a Radio with a Little Battery left and decide to listen in for maybe some type of Community out there for People like you. You hear an Actual Voice come over and it gives you coords and tells you about the Community. You then hear 2 more as the Radio Finally dies. You search the House find some batteries and Put them in the Take the car from the Garage and head to this Community. Now of Course there are a few more things I would like to point out. There should be a Population for this City of Zombies. Meaning that even though you can kill 1 Zombie no Problem they should travel in Hordes. Meaning 1 Gunshot can screw you over quickly.

    Map Description: The map will be Mainly the City which as you move out turns into a Suburbs and some small towns and Once you are out of the City it is the Country side with farms and Forests. Now, There could be Communities like Alexandria, The Kingdom and The Hilltop or The Saviors. meaning whoever you run into your RolePlay will have one nice story.

    Now about every 6 Months the map would have to undergo a Reset meaning yes Most of your Work will be lost unless the Owner decides to keep 1 of the Original and Reset the second. That way YouTubers can continue there RolePlay on the Original or Move onto the Second Either Way this is Guaranteed to give you a lot to do. Of course do what you will with ranks But Remember that if you flood this to much you could ruin it. Also I would recommend adding in things where Bullets and Guns were made. This would be Very Interesting and this is just a Summed up version if you would like to hear the Rest of this I have skype and My email is, I am also usually on discord so Contact me Please if you like this idea.

    Also, this doesn't mean getting Rid of the Crafting Dead as it is Now. Just adding a Different Game Point.
  2. Fracks

    Fracks Member

    too much work for the cd team when they're already making enough money
  3. Marathons

    Marathons Well-Known Member

    I love this idea, but it would take a while to get all of this done which would be the largest issue. I would definitely play this though!
  4. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    Yeah I figured it would but I think it would be worth it.
  5. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    It shouldn't be about money but letting people have fun and Expanding
  6. Fracks

    Fracks Member

    it is about money
  7. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    Well if to you it is About the money then this will make them more money.
  8. i like this idea but it seems like to much work for the crafting dead team to watch over the place for it does not get fully messed up by players just wanting to break every thing but i still i love this idea xD
  9. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    I Figured so but I am sure there could be stuff put in place like maybe you have to play for a certain amount of time before you can break blocks but yes I would really love to see this to.
  10. oh hm that may help but i really really like this idea
  11. BrotherNovA

    BrotherNovA Member

    This is a cool idea I would play it but I think it would take too much time to make it happen.
  12. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

    voice chat or any sort of ingame voice communication is a -1.
    vehicles is a -1.
    developing everything you mentioned is a -1.
    breakable maps is a +1.

    Voice chat - would be impossible to moderate and with this community (12 year old kids) it wouldn't make sense. you think most of the people are mature enough to use this option with care and thought but trust me this will only be abused by toxic kids who already scream in all chat but now have a way to directly scream to others while it is actually wayyyy harder to moderate which will only cause pain and trouble.

    vehicles - will create lag/bugs and would be hella OP.

    developing all this^+everything else would take too much time. andrew and whoever helps him code should need to put all their time into this while they still have 2 other modpacks to care about. if they would do this they would neglect the 2 other modpacks (CC and CDO).

    breakable maps would be a pretty fun experience this will of course include base raiding but it has to be carefully thought out since they could potentially create major game breaking bugs and other things for that server.
  13. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    It's called a mic life time. You only get a certain amount of time to speak then it has to regen. Also, kids could be reported and banned considering this Idea is for more Mature audiences.
  14. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

    ''could get reported and banned''' please use common sense on that one.
    ''mature audiences'' do I even need to explain this?
  15. Electricdarkness

    Electricdarkness New Member

    Ok so Obviously you don't have common sense to figure out what staff are for and Reports are so I am not going to argue with you on that. Also, many other games have it so you have a mic life you can only talk so much but it starts to regen after You use it. Obviously you are one of these immature audiences so I am going to be the bigger person and walk away from your comment.
  16. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

    I guess I do need to explain the flaws.

    almost nobody has a recording software open 24/7 which will make it hella hard to record and report since you just can't play back whatever they said unlike in chat when you can scroll back and see the history OR if needed the staff can check the logs(you can't do this with voice chat)
    ^and since most of the community here is immature af this will only increase toxicity and harassment.
    now about the staff part. if it is going to be like a voice chat where you need to be 50 blocks near each other to communicate the staff will become useless in this matter since they can't always be 50 blocks near everyone and even if they will hear everything (like socialspy) I rarely see staff members online on somerset, atlanta and charland. there will be no way for the staff members to moderate EVERY server.

    the mic life doesn't really matter when the audience only uses the voice chat for toxicity and harassment.

    if you want to talk to people go get discord, teamspeak or skype where it will be your own god damn fault when you get harassed instead of people blaming the server/staff members when they get harassed if this gets implemented.

    Have a wonderful day and GL after the reset.

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