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    Hello, I have been noticing that people like to submit mod suggestions, however I see little activity in the Asset Submissions, I would imagine the reasoning being that a lot of people do not have Techne or that they don't know how to model properly so I am making this guide to hopefully help you with this! I will give you tips on how to make a good model and a link to download Techne.

    Programs / Things needed: Techne, a painting program. (For example, Photoshop or Paint.net)

    So first of all I will be listing everything that has to do with Techne.

    I will list how you Download it, how you use it and how you are going to format your models. So first of all you need to download it, you do that by simply downloading it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7njaewcqaefel7k/techne.zip?dl=0# After you've downloaded this it should be all setup and you can start the program! When you open the program you are presented with this: http://prntscr.com/h9zsox as for now you don't need to do anything with it.

    Alright, so you've gotten techne all setup and you can now make models! Now, we need to be able to make quality models and I'll give you some of my tips and tricks for that. Now we are going to make a model of a block of your choice, it really doesn't matter what you make as long as it is not too complicated this is if its your first model of course. Alright, so after opening techne you will want to adjust the texture size compared to the model, so I usually make it quite big, around 256 – 128. When I make really big and detailed models I do 512 – 256 though. When making guns I suggest that you make the texture size, and model size quite the size as it allows for more detail and a better overal model. After selecting your texture size and name. Click Create, now you've started your modeling! Now, there is a toolbox to the left of your model, this is going to be very important. I have marked the most important things with arrows here: https://prnt.sc/ha01dh. So the red arrow, is the size / dimensions of your model this is very important when you are going to make models that you want to be as good as you possibly can get them. You also have the yellow arrow which shows positions, do note that the different tools are conveniently named, so you don't need to read this, it is just for very beginners. Blue arrow is texture offset, this is going to move your models around so you can make a fitting texture for it. The green is rotation, which is just a thing you need to play around with. Generally techne is a tool that to get good you need to use it a lot and play around a lot. Now at last the pink arrow is what you use to spawn in blocks / shapes to model with. Now to make your model, I suggest you start with a block of an appropriate size, maybe like 5x5x5 to make texturing easier. Now, when you made that you have technically finished your model. If you want to add something on it, you can go ahead however you need to remember that you must select the model part, and go to texture offset and change it so it doesn't overlap the first model / block, as this makes it nearly impossible to texture it good. Now when you have done that, click the thing that says File then Export as then you click texturemap after that, you will be granted with a file and this is your texture file, which you need to edit. Now save the file and find it on your computer then open it with the chosen painting program. Now you make the texture! I suggest though that you go back to your model, press load texture and load the texture so you can see what to color, and on what side it will end up on. Also remember, the textures are like upside down T's there is one thing you need to know, you want to fill out the upside down T and make it into a square box if you don't do that the model will have wierd lines all over it and it just ends up looking bad. Now make the texture save it, and you're done! Now, you can make a model!

    More Advanced Tips:
    When you are making a gun model, make sure it is big enough to cover all details needed this adds more detail to the texture and makes it look better. Never make rails a part of the models I suggest you make the rails in the texture. Never make too detailed textures as it isn't how CD's models are. Also, this is going to be your friend: http://prntscr.com/h8tbog this is the 'format' for your models and it always needs to be set-up like this, barrel of the gun to the left and it needs to be faced the direction B. I think that was all! Also remember the model is only half of the asset, the texture is very important to get right aswell. You must remember to use propper shadowing, add different tones of the same color and make it look detailed and not just like you bucket filled to make the texture.

    Thank you for reading and happy modelling! Also remember, if you want to become good, you gotta practise!

    I will edit this as I learn new things or come up with more to add!
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